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Softie Scotland is mummy's boy!

Jason Scotland

Big softie Jason Scotland dedicated his 50th Swansea City goal to his mother back home in Trinidad and Tobago - and immediately set himself a new target for the rest of the season.

Scotland scored his 21st goal of the campaign from the penalty spot to earn the Swans a 1-0 win over Plymouth Argyle at the Liberty Stadium last night - and fire them into the play-off places for the first time this season.

And the 30-year-old now wants to kick on and chase down the Championship's leading scorer, Sylvain Ebanks-Blake of Wolves, who is five goals ahead.

Having fired home his second-half penalty, Scotland revealed a t-shirt stating "50 FOR U MUM'.

"She (Brenda) has been a big part of my football and my life,'' explained Scotland. "She keeps tabs on me and I told her I was going to put on the T-shirt '50 for you mum', but she thought I was bluffing.

"I always ring her after games to tell her how we got on and if I scored. I get a row if I don't!

"She came over to watch me last season, but unfortunately she was taken ill. Hopefully she can come over again soon and see me score.''

Manager Roberto Martinez was not surprised to see Scotland's soft side.

"Jason is a big, soft character,'' he said. "He is a family man and quick to remember his background.

"He was excited about reaching 50 goals and he was thinking about how he should show that to the fans.

"The t-shirt just shows that he is enjoying his time here and I hope the fans keep loving him the way they are now.

"Fifty goals for Swansea City is a huge achievement in such a short space of time (97 games).

"The fans love him and he loves them - it's a marriage that works.''

But Scotland, who cost the Swans just £25,000 from St Johnstone in July 2007 (making it just £500 per goal), isn't finished yet as the Swans look to secure a place in the play-offs come May 3.

"I suppose 50 goals in a season-and-a-bit is a remarkable achievement for anybody," added Scotland. "I have surprised myself a bit.

"Hopefully I can push on and get a couple more goals this season as well.

"I always keep tabs on the Championship charts. Hopefully I can get to that mark and reach him (Sylvain Ebanks-Blake) and get the golden boot again.

"There are nine more games to go and you never know what can happen."