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Stern Wants Goals

Stern John finally became a Coventry City player today and immediately turned his attention to opening his goal-scoring account at Highfield Road.

The 27-year-old striker has an excellent record of scoring in his debut for previous clubs and is already focused on hitting the back of the net when he is thrown straight into the team to face Gillingham tomorrow night.

"I am fit and ready to play and I hope I will be in the team tomorrow when I will be looking to score on my debut," said the Trinidad and Tobago international who has signed a three-year contract for an "undisclosed" fee, believed to be £250,000, from Birmingham City.

"I scored on my debut for my last couple of clubs and I would like that to continue with Coventry."

John put pen to paper after passing a medical this morning and opting for the Sky Blues ahead of his former club Nottingham Forest.

"The reason I chose Coventry was because of Peter Reid," he revealed. "He has been there and done it at this level and I know what a great manager he is.

"He is bringing in new play-ers to make the team stronger and I want to be a part of that. I was tempted to go back to Forest but I prefer to come to Coventry who are a club who look like they are going places." Reid is delighted to finally get his man after a frustrating time in the transfer market, and believes John has all the quality to help City fulfil their promotion ambitions.

"He is a quality player at a higher level than this so it is a really good scoop by the club to sign him," said the manager who revealed that he is continuing to look for new players.

"I have known about him for a few years and I am just delighted that he is at the club and I am sure he will do a fantastic job for us.

"I am sure he will give the players a real lift and hopeful-ly the supporters and club as a whole as well because I feel he will give us real quality up front where we have got a lot of competition. So it is a massive boost for us."