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Silvio: A bad day at the office

#15 Silvio Spann

Full back Silvio Spann was not hiding away from his responsibilities when he spoke after the game at Eastbourne.

"We didn't show up in the first half and when they went one-up, then the wind was at their tails," said the Trinidad international.

"It was hard to claw our way back, but it's only one loss in five games, so we have to look forward now to the next game against Tamworth.

"We have to put aside the mistakes we made today and show up on Tuesday night, as we have done in the previous four matches.

"There is no doubt that we had enough chances to get ourselves into a decent position and win the game.

"There were too many bad performances today, as opposed to the standards we had set in the previous games.

"I have to raise my hand and say I was at fault for one of the goals, in the first half in particular.

"But we win as a team and lose as a team, everything we do is as a team. We have to do all we can to eliminate mistakes, but unfortunately, today was a bad day at the office.

"It certainly was for me in particular, but I'm sure a number of the players would raise their hands as well.

"We can't cry over spilt milk, we just have to get up and go again. We know what we are capable of doing and that's what we believe in at the moment."