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Khaleem Hyland speaks during winter training

The 27-capped international Khaleem Hyland looks happy and relaxed after a few days back on the first day of winter training abroad. "Of course this is better to prepare for the second half of the season than in Belgium. Here we have quality training, we can do things that we want and at home might not have been able to do. We are away from home and thus away from all ancillary matters, no distractions . The accommodation here are ideal for both players and staff. The common way also ensures that the team spirit is strengthened. "

The destination is the Trinidadian lyrical. "My favorite competition is the Spanish league. It's a dream to be here to ever be able to join in the Primera Division." He distances himself from transfer rumours. "It flatters me that I hear of Anderlecht and Standard showing interest in me, but I absolutely do not care. I have not spoken with anyone and I am not even interested. What counts now is Zulte Waregem. I feel good here and it is an ambitious club. Most importantly, I would like to remain in the team, " says the midfielder. "Of course I would always try to step-up. It's better to fail trying than failing to try. "