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Port Vale want back Birchall

It was while at Port Vale he made his rise to international prominence after joining the Trinidad and Tobago national team back in 2005  and after moving on to three different clubs, now the English club wants midfielder Chris Birchall to make a return.

The London Daily Star reported on the weekend that Vale are keen on signing Birchall for the new season.

Birchall joined MLS club LA Galaxy in 2009. He moved to Coventry City after the 2006 World Cup and had stints with St Mirren and Carlisle United before joining Brighton.

But it was a Port Vale he made his professional debut in 2001 having been at the club since age nine. He scored seven goals in 78 appearances for the club between 2001-2006. He was named Vale’s young player of the year in 2004-2005.

Birchall has been a regular in the LA squad in recent times, particularly during Landon Donovan’s Gold Cup campaign with USA.

“We’ve got a squad where different players can play different formations and we’re still probably trying to find out what’s our best formation,” Birchall said.

“They’ve been two players who have been playing week in and week out when they’re fit and when they’re here.

It’s hard for players to come in really because they know even if they play well they’re going to be out when they come back,” he added, referring to Donovan and Brazilian Juninho.