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Birchall eyes Major glory

Chris Birchall

Midfielder Chris Birchall is hoping to win a championship with LA Galaxy in this season’s American Major League Soccer.

It would be the crowning moment as a Galaxy player. He’s had the chance to line up against the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City in off season friendlies which allows Galaxy to measure their progress against some of the world’s best clubs.

“It’s a big club and we have done well in friendlies with Real Madrid and Man City. I’ve played against the likes of Barcelona also. For those clubs it might just be a friendly but for us it gives are really good ideas as to where we are in comparison with these teams,” said Birchall.

Birchall touched on his relationship with former England captain David Beckham, saying he never imagined the two would get that close since their 2006 World Cup meeting in Germany.

“He’s been great. Never in my mind did I think I’d be lining up against him and then having a friend off the pitch as well. It’s weird how careers could go and where you could end up.

David’s great and is a really humble guy. He deserves everything he’s got.” There were reports linking Birchall to England but while he admits that he’s enjoying his time in Los Angeles, he did say that not being to have his family over for a longer period was not the best thing in the world .

“The Galaxy fans have been unbelievable both on and off the pitch. I think it’s been made public that I have some problems with my family not being able to come over for the most part of the season and it’s difficult.

They can only be here three months at a time but  I love being here. The standard is great the league is growing more and moreso in that regard I have to say yes I can see myself being here and trying to achieve greater things with the club.”