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Bruce Will Get the Best Out of Yorke

David Gold has predicted that Steve Bruce will 'do a Dugarry' with Dwight Yorke and bring out the best in the striker.

Yorke was today being officially unveiled at Wast Hills after his surprise £250,000 signing from Blackburn Rovers.

The former Villa favourite has certainly put himself into the firing line because of his claret and blue past, as has Bruce.

But the chairman said he could see the logic in the move.

"I have this gut feeling that Steve will bring out the best in Dwight," Gold insisted, "just in the same way we had that last hurrah out of Christopher Dugarry.

"Yes, it all fell apart the second season for Christophe when his knee niggled him and his family had difficulty settling.

"But for those magical five months after we brought him here during the transfer window in January 2003, he almost single-handedly kept us in the division.

"Even the players were calling him 'God'! People might say that Dwight's best days are behind him, that he doesn't have that hunger. I don't believe that's true.

"Steve's past skills have shown that he knows how to man-manage and motivate players and Dwight is coming into a vibrant camp, where he can re-emerge.

"Who knows, he might be here for two or three years. Teddy Sheringham and Les Ferdinand went on and on in the Premiership when you thought they were past their sell by date.

"When I asked Steve how could we sign him without arranging a medical - we were rushing to get it done before the transfer deadline --he said don't worry because Dwight is fitter than a butcher's dog.

"And when I saw Dwight, he is indeed lean and mean, at the peak of his fitness. We all know of his ability as a player, I don't think there will be any problem whatsoever over his condition, or his approach under Steve."

Gold said he was convinced Yorke's previous history wouldn't count against him, among both Blues and Villa fans.

"Yes, you hear and read nasty things. They're morons those who might not want him at our club because he was with Villa, or those elsewhere who harbour a grudge.

"I would say 95 per cent of both fan bases have no problem. It's nearly 10 years since he left Villa and I'm sure our fans will welcome him with open arms."