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Cricket Anyone / Re: Patrick Patterson: an unquiet mind
« Last post by vb on Today at 07:31:07 PM »
Tough!. Reminds me of Jimmy Springer and Bert Neptune.

True but at least he has a house to live in, look at poor Richard Austin how he ended up, very similar to Neptune.

Cricket Anyone / Re: Patrick Patterson: an unquiet mind
« Last post by vb on Today at 07:21:07 PM »
Tough!. Reminds me of Jimmy Springer and Bert Neptune.

True but at least he has a house to live in, look at poor Richard Austin how he ended up, very similar to Neptune.

Football / Re: 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Thread.
« Last post by Deeks on Today at 07:10:38 PM »
Mex. just came back from the confed. cup, so they use different players. Yes they out of the cup, but the WC is what they looking at primarily. And because they are MEXICO, the South Americans will definitely invite the Mexicans to the next COPA America.
Football / Re: 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Thread.
« Last post by Brownsugar on Today at 06:38:41 PM »
The US keep beating everybody, looks like another US vs Mexico finals.

 :yawning: :yawning:  Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming.....was there ever a year when neither team was in the Finals??
Stevie Wonder and I both didn't see this one

Boy.....ah eat some serious crow here.....ah glad for de Yardies dem.....dat Mexican team was real crappy by their standards.....
What allyuh think about this idea for future Olympics. Saw it in Skycrapercity.


Originally Posted by Nacre View Post

I will take a shot with my crazy idea.

 The reason the Olympics use a four year cycle is that there used to be four ancient games. We can solve the growth of the Olympics by going back to one games per year, with one event per season.

Spring Olympics: team sports (basketball, football, handball, etc)
Summer Olympics: individual sports (athletics, cycling, gymnastics, swimming, etc)
Fall Olympics: ice events (curling, ice skating, ice hockey, etc)
Winter Olympics: snow events (skiing, ski jumping, etc)

 This would . . .
1.reduce the overall size of each of the summer and winter games by about 40%, and thus dramatically decrease the organizing cost for the host city
2.increase revenues for the IOC and sporting federations by hosting events every single year and having more broadcasting rights to sell
3.reduce the construction costs for host cities by roughly 75% (for example if a host city already has 3 arenas, and needs 8 for the summer games and would only need 4 for the spring games the cost would be reduced by 80%)
4.let cities with unsuitable climate or geography host the spring or fall games (such as Melbourne being too cold for the summer games and Minneapolis not having mountains for the winter games)
5.open the games up to far more countries; Portugal cannot possibly manage the current summer Olympics but Lisbon could host a slimmed down games with 40% fewer athletes and events
6.make it easier to accommodate the NHL with a fall event that only pushes back their season a couple of weeks instead of in the middle of the season
7.let the IOC add cricket and/or baseball in spring without causing much burden on the host city

This is a great idea, could work perfectly. Mainly because there would be a way bigger chance all venues could have a longterm use, it would create more money, while costs of single games would go lower, while at similar time more sports could be potentially included long-term.

Spring Olympics - June 2033: team sports played outside: football (with hopeful participation of the best players if it replaces Confederations Cup), rugby, field hockey, water polo, beach volleyball, 3x3 basketball, baseball/softball and potentially cricket, American football, Australian football, ultimate, lacrosse, beach football, ball hockey, tug of war
Summer Olympics - August 2032: individual sports: athletics, gymnastics, cycling, swimming/diving, tennis/racquet sports, golf, weightlifting, combat sports, shooting sports, equestrian, modern pentathlon, triathlon, skateboarding, surfing, sailing, climbing, potentially roller sports, snooker, darts, dance sports, bowling, orienteering; I would not be against including mind sports like chess, draught, bridge or even poker as well
Fall Olympics - September 2031: team sports played inside + motorsport: ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, handball, potentially netball, korfball, slamball, floorball or futsal, could be a spot to include sports like motorsport, motorcycles, speedway or air racing
Winter Olympics - February 2030: winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, skating, biathlon, bobsleigh, luge, curling, potentially include bandy (in ceremony stadium), downhill skating, cyclocross or cross country running

 What would be needed to host games:•Spring Olympics would need 6 football/rugby stadiums with a need to build a venue for baseball and temporary stadiums for field hockey and water polo
•Summer Olympics would need an athletic stadium, one bigger arena for gymnastics and weightlifting, a velodrome, a shooting centre, an acquatics centre, a course for water slalom and rowing, a tennis centre, a golf course, BMX/MTB centre, a place for sailing/surfing, and a few smaller arenas for combat sports, badminton or table tennis, these all are usually temporary, an exhibition centre is usually used
•Fall Olympics would need 4 indoor arenas + potentially a venue for ceremonies or other small arenas for smaller sports and potentially a racing circuit
•Winter Olympics would need what they need right now with the exception of two indoor arenas for ice hockey

TL,DR in other words:
 - change Summer Olympics into just something like bigger Commonwealth Games
 - take away ice hockey from Winter Olympics because of the NHL and to lower the costs
 - create Spring Olympics around current FIFA Confederations Cup with the participation of the best football players, include rugby, etc. - it would be held in a country more than only in one city
 - create Fall Olympics around 4 biggest indoor team sports - basketball, ice hockey, volleyball and handball + include motorsport, motorcycles and air sport with a competition for the best drivers/riders/pilots; ideally allow co-hosting between two cities to lower costs - then one city gets opening and the other one closing ceremony
Football / Re: T&T Youth Pro League Thread.
« Last post by Deeks on Today at 04:53:41 PM »
I have to agree with you on this one.
Cricket Anyone / Re: Patrick Patterson: an unquiet mind
« Last post by Deeks on Today at 04:18:56 PM »
Tough!. Reminds me of Jimmy Springer and Bert Neptune.
Football / Re: Joevin Jones Thread
« Last post by Deeks on Today at 03:53:45 PM »
This not our football league.
Football / Re: 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Thread.
« Last post by Deeks on Today at 03:49:02 PM »
This must the worse  loss that Mex. has experience to Caribbean team since the 4-0 zip by TT in 73. You know if this was the old system of qualifying for the WC, Mexico would be out.
Football / Re: Promotion and Relegation, how important is it?
« Last post by Deeks on Today at 03:45:13 PM »
That is a concept that American can't handle in their sporting psyche. It will never happen. But the funny thing is, the proposed league of nation tier system is basically the same thing on the national team level.  US football has developed into a strong entity in our region. They only play second fiddle to Mex. They will always be in the first tier. Plus the money that  is made by playing the GC here gives them that added home advantage. As long as they end in the top 4, they will tier 1. I think CFU should reject the tier system. But if they US start handing out gifts, you go see how fast they small island officials go capitulate. But getting back to club football. DOA!!
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