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Football / Re: Anton Corneal Thread
« Last post by vb on Today at 09:22:24 PM »
So much time has passed that I tend to forget.

But was Anton every paid the money owed to him by the TTFA?

What about Faustin and H. Charles??
"Dennis Lawrence giving hand signal from de sidelines like he parking aeroplane in Piarco."

#ahweak  :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Quizz Time & Facts / Re: Heavyweight Champs - sons - World titles
« Last post by vb on Today at 03:15:46 PM »
Leon Spinks: His son Cory won the welterweight title

Floyd Patterson: His adopted son Tracy Harris Patterson won bantamweight and super featherweight titles

Joe Frazier: His son Marvin fought for the heavyweight title

Yuh catch meh.

I fogot about Patterson. Tracy was adopted but I will still give you that one.

One more to go.  ;D
Football / Re: Qualifying hopes ends in Panama City.
« Last post by Tallman on Today at 02:20:13 PM »
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 :thumbsup: Sam you have creative and humorous way of telling it as it is, our football at all levels in shambles and DJW pleased with the things his administration accomplished on his manifesto, talking bout a fully functioning women's program lol. Keep telling it as it is and continue to hold their feet belly to the fire.
Ah like de Admiral Bailey and Mac Fingal tracks :beermug:
David John Williams finally break his silence and open up to T&T football fans.
By Sam Edwards, editor at large.

Sam - Yea boy Kenwyne, how yuh feel about T&T failure so far.
Kenwyne - T&T need to score goals and them eh calling any strikers only Willis Plaza and he have broko foot. So wha yuh expect. Carlyle Mitchell is we top scorer, he even scoring for other teams. Dennis eh call me because he say I not playing regular football, but yet Jamille Boatswain dont play for he team either and Plaza playing in a blind league. They relying on Molino to score goals and he is a club footballer, he cah play international football, he does get confuse and might score a lucky goal now and then.

Sam - Yea boy Nathan Lewis, ah like how yuh playing, how de experience so far playing for T&T.
Nathan - Even though we eh get paid since de Mexico game in March, I still playing hard because ah looking for outside contract. Ah know it go be hard because I is not a W Connection player, but ah trying to go England still. DJW tell me that will never happen because he will keep T&T very low on de FIFA ranking until more Connection players make de national team so they could qualify for UK work permits, so he tell me look for contract in El Salvador.

Sam - Joevin, you had to very poor games in we last two games, wha happen.
Joevin - DJW want we to play for free and he vex because W Connection didn't get a percentage of my transfer fee from Seattle Sounders to Darmstadt. So I say, f00ck it, me eh pushing hard for T&T, I can't afford to get injured and play for a team with 3 coaches and a Englishman who dont look interested in the job at all and they all dont know how to coach. Dennis Lawrence giving hand signal from de sidelines like he parking aeroplane in Piarco. Nobody eh know what he trying to say and it have we confuse. De man gold teeth does blind me in training to and he does studder, so when he giving instructions by de time de players hear it,  play done ova. Every 5 mins he calling Mike Berry to ask for tips and he using whatsapp with no internet service, so he have to call  him collect. Whats-app planing to make a special app for T&T football where they could call collect for free and in return they put the app logo on T&T shirts.

Sam - Carlos Edwards, how yuh get drop from T&T boy and yuh was playing good.
Edwards - Latapy f000ck me good, he and Shabaaz pulling DJW stones and f00cking up T&T football. They blacklist me because I went and help Latapy coach de Under 15 team and when I ask for some money they get vex, me and Jason Scotland. Imagine, they use me in most of the friendlies and when de important games come, they drop me for W Connection Alvin Jones and yuh see de shit he did against Honduras. Dennis Lawrence have to many people interfering with he team and it will only affect his rep, how can you experiment with important games, he using so many different players when he should have had a settle team working hard with them. Look at Hyland and see de shit that he does play but yet Boucaud we best midfielder wasn't called, Dennis finally realise how shittie he is and bench him vs Panama when we was already out. To many crooks cook in de pot Sam.

Leh we look at T&T under DJW.

Russell Latapy - failed with the under 15 and under 17 teams.

Leonson Lewis - fail with St Benedict's but he incharge out de youth elite program.

Dennis Lawrence, Sol Campbell, Stern John, Stuart Charles - failed with T&T senior team but still here.

Brian Williams - failed with de under 20.

Ross Russell - fail in he last wok with North East Stars and got fired and now with T&T senior team, yuh eh see how bad we keepers doing, Marvin Phillip who not be on T&T team, them eh want to call Greg Ramjitsingh because they racist.

Jamaal Shabazz - failing with Morvant Caledonia Untied, they almost last in de Pro League and this man have so many positions with the TTFA.

David John Williams - Every single team since he too over failing and falling yet he talking about how good T&T doing with some dumb ass training center, wait, so as soon as ah next minister of sports comes alonmg, they go take back de Ato Boldon Stadium and they training center go be a big watermelon field like de Manny Ramjohn one.

The Hasley Crawford Stadium is we national stadium and now we playing in W Connection home field.

Look at Angus Eve (Club Sando and Naps), Derek King (North East Stars #1) and Jabloteh youth coach how they progressing and ask why they not involved with T&T, yuh know why, because DJW cannot control them.

Look at good Keith Look Loy doing with de TTSL compare to de Pro League, DJW trying he best to destroy that league but eh know how because Look Loy know all de rules and know how to handle him.

Sam - Jamaal boy, yuh have DJW by he nuts, how yuh pull that off bro.
Jamaal Shabaaz - Sam boy, and de man balls big like Donkey Kong one, so is ah big job, DJW is a construction company businessman and he eh know one ass about how to run football even tough W Connection did ok in de league other people was really running it for him, he is all about making money and big name, so I basically benefiting because I figure if I massage he balls in de right places he go give Morvant players a chance to play on de T&T team and I could make some money selling players outside and at de same time give back by being incharge of T&T football, this way, I go be he fall guy and still have a job. Everybody wins, and by de way Sam, Guyana players easy to sell that's why we have so many here.

Sam - Flex, long time me eh hear from you, I hear you ask DJW about team selection and he say he doh get involved, you believe that.
Flex - David feel I does swallow everything he tell me like I went to school on Sunday. It cant be a coincident we are seeing so many W Connection players making de national team now. I can guarantee you by 2022 there will be no foreign born players on T&T mens team. They have no scouting system and we have so many players eligible for T&T playing outside, so you do that math. Look at the John Bostock situation, they took so long to get Bostock's paperwork to FIFA he got turned off and drop T&T, same situation with Look Loy and his football Gala, they drag their feet when someone else have a chance to make a name for them self. Why you think Keron Cummings gone to the TTSL, so they can't touch him.

Sam - Shaunie, how yuh like yuh new boss.
Shaun Fuentes - Sam boy, only because I have a family to feed I still here and even though pay always late, I does get it. The man make Tim Kee look like a king and Jack Warner look like a princess. DJW does do what ever he feel like and feel he dont have to take advice or answer to anyone, he have a bullish mentality. I feel Stuart Charles burning a candle ova that man head to, he cah do no wrong, expect to see Earl Jean on T&T coaching staff soon. Sam, this interview is between us right? [Sam - no], I gone, please don't post this on de forum, I go get burn (((ring))) (((ring))) [Shaun - hols on Sam, let me answer this, [[[hello]]], [Yes, this is DJW] how can I help you sir, [ah hope yuh eh doing any interview with them fellas on de SWO website yuh know, because Jamaal ready to take yuh job, he use to write and coach from he computer for Guyana Football federation and he could use a laptop very effective, so watch yuh ass] No, no sir, I will never do anything for them fellas on that site, dont worry sir, I go bring some polorie by you later and we go discuss plans for a new camera. [Boy, yuh eh find that myself, Stuartie and Jamaal belly big enough, doh bring polories, bring doubles instead or KFC], de official food for T&T football team since Jack Warner]. Ok, sir, I will be there around 5 ish.

Sam - Isa, how you still involved in T&T football sah and you is ova a 100 year ole.
Muhammad Isa - Hey Sam, before we do this interview, yuh have an Viagra, ah spend out meh whole pension money on a electric wheelchair last week, because ah end up breaking de manual one while training some 8 year ole kids, boy, ah could keep up with them, they fast boy, believe me, we have some fast players coming up for de future, by 2057 you will see a new T&T team, we will make it to every world cup, Jamaal teaching them how to shoot, Latapy teaching them how to smoke 3 cigarettes at once, Leonson Lewis teaching them, well, I eh sure what yet, but now that he get fired from St Benedicts, he go have more time to figure what he want to teach them and Stuart teaching them how to diet, so de elite program running smooth.

Sam - Mac Fingal, even though you from Barbados, yuh does follow T&T football, how you feel about de TTFA.
Mac Fingal - This is all I have to say

Sam - Admiral Bailey, even though you from Jamaica, yuh does follow T&T football, how you feel about de TTFA.
Admiral Bailey - This is all I have to say

Sam - Finally David, yuh decide to give me a interview, ah know yuh like to be silent, but ah glad yuh decided.
David John Williams - I don't have to explain myself to no one. Allyuh on that site comparing me to Jack Warner, eh, allyuh go see. I dont answer to anyone except my wife, Jamaal Shabaaz and Stuart Charles, but I will talk this time. Look at how well we planning football and saving to.

Latapy working for cigarettes, money save they and he saving we even more, yuh eh see when de under 15 player we had on de team from Colombia (Cephas St Rose) ask for a extra water in training Latapy assistant coach Duane Richardson choke him slap him on he behind he head and drop him from de team in Cayman Island, money save they to.

Lawrence working to build he reputation because he want to go back to Everton and coach. So he woking for free, money save they.

Stern John wants to give back to T&T football and de only thing he wants in return is for his son Tyrik John from Central FC to one day get pick on T&T side, money save they.

Ross Russell is a national guard and is doing work for free for his country because he getting he money from de T&T government, money save they.

We decided to spend de players salary to send them for a month in Colorado because we thought we coulda beat USA at high altitude and when people see that, sponsors woulda come. De players eh tell allyuh how much steak and bacon they eat in Colorado, but they talking bout money, money save they.

Me, Stuartie and Jamaal decided to stop eating steaks and expensive food just to save money, we on a doubles diet since January, money save they.

Ruby Tuesday offer us some office space for free incase we need to fire anyone, we feed them and then fire team so it eh go look bad nah. Cah send of ah man hungry belly.

Stuart Charles getting money from selling W Connection players, so he want to coach T&T to make sure his players get pick, so he woking for free.

And if Allan Warner, Ewing Davis and Joanne Salazar want to keep they W Connection wok, they have to woirk for de TTFA for free, killing two bird with one stones, money save they.

No more live games is de only way we will full de stadium, so after our next two world cup games, we done with Telemundo, we fulfill we contract, money save they.

No more nuts man at games, nuts to expensive, is channa and chennet now, for ah lil extra, money save they.

Players have to pay they own way to come to training, money save they.

We eliminated de woman senior team programme and we will have them keeping fit in de WoLF league, money save they.

USA federation already contacted us and say they need to win that last game vs us BIG and at any cost because they have to qualify for de world up in order to host de 2026 one. In return, we made some dollars on  de side plus a free ticket to de 2026 WC.

Sharon Obrien is ah ole fling I had long ago, so ah give she wok so she eh go talk, money save they.

FIFA paying for de training centre, money save they. Ah hope Gianni Infantino win de next election, because I surely will be here, for de next 30 years.

De government paying for de Ato Boldon Stadium even though de other leagues, SSFL, TTSL and Pro League paying we a lil rent, we still woking, yuh eh see we building a big time hotel to, W Connection will have full access to it and they will improve as a team and do better in de Champions league and put T&T on de map, even though we dont have any swimming pools and gym, we plan to go green. Wait, allyuh go see, going green does save money, when teams visit T&T, they will stay in we hotel and bath by de standpipe, we just link up with KFC and they said they will provide all means for T&T teams when de training center done, all we have to do is buy napkins and plates, money save they. [Sam - so what about de poor attendance],,,, Sam, for 20 years de pro league getting 20 fans for games and we still here.

We use Shaun Fuentes to pick up de players from de airport with he maxi taxi, money save they.

You know how much we save when we pick a W Connection, player, is de same with W Connection staff, pay one, play twice, they getting W Connection pay so when they play for T&T we dont have to pay them or buy plane ticket for them to come down for games that is why Boucaud and Ramjitsingh not getting call, is not because we racist. Get allyuh story right, even though we eh have one Indian or white or Chinese on we staff, we love everybody money. W Connection players are very economical to maintain, imagine, Alvin Jones sit in the toilet from a flight from T&T to Denver just to save us money on a extra plane ticket.

We not paying Stephen Hart and Carolina Morace because Morace walkout and I tell she to wait, money coming and Hart didn't follow orders when I ask him to pick Winchester, so they breech they contract, money save they.

Anton Corneal say he will drop de court case he had because de TTFA own him money if we give him wok as TD and he will wok for lettuce and he wanted we to throw in kale and carrots because he market business pick up, money save they.

Jamaal Shabaaz is a terrorist, so we saving money not hiring so much Police for the games. No bandit eh go come test de fans once he in de stadium.

So you answer me here now Sam, you answer me, look at money we saving, in 30 years we will have a unbeatable team. We planning to win de Caribbean cup and qualify for de gold cup every single year.

Take that news back to yuh pardna and them on de site especially de Canadian crew, Contro and Palas.

Football / Re: David John Williams Thread.
« Last post by Quags on Today at 07:45:54 AM »
This guy will kill Football ,am thinking kids gonna flock to 20/20 cricket !After seen the cars the red force players driving .
Football / Re: Anton Corneal Thread
« Last post by maxg on Today at 07:14:43 AM »
No pay for months, cause ppl to quit,  is the only certain positive result comes to mind
Football / Re: One on one with Point Fortin Civic's Weslie John
« Last post by Tallman on Today at 07:11:12 AM »
Weslie John is back with W-Connection.
Quizz Time & Facts / Re: Heavyweight Champs - sons - World titles
« Last post by Tallman on Today at 07:02:28 AM »
Leon Spinks: His son Cory won the welterweight title

Floyd Patterson: His adopted son Tracy Harris Patterson won bantamweight and super featherweight titles

Joe Frazier: His son Marvin fought for the heavyweight title
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