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Author Topic: If it's not PNM...Who we go put?  (Read 1064 times)

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If it's not PNM...Who we go put?
« on: February 22, 2006, 05:29:53 PM »
The way I see it, is simple...probably too simplistic in nature.  Forget the UNC and all the antics of four cent politics on the roadside of dreams and paranoia.  Yes, I agree, the PNM has shown some ineptitude but could you tell me what the UNC has done for the upliftment of the peoples of Trinidad and Tobago.  Forget Eric Williams and Frankie Khan have both shown their Aces.  Patrick Manning turned them over to the Integrity Commission...dat good! What more do the people want?  People are seeking a secure environment (too much crime and murder).  This happens in every developing nation but I guess T&T is too small for the level of crime and we are not accustomed to guntoting bandidos who plague the land.  The UNC does not stand a chance now with Ramesh making love tuh Panday...Dookeran geh leave out...bacchanal is dey ting...dey tek dat from the PNM.  Now, now, we must have nuff respect for the PNM, the Prime Minister and his boys...I believe with all mih heart dat PNM going right back in the house after the next election because Manning has the right campaign managers...Jack Warner, Basdeo Panday and Winston Dookeran.  Ah kinda sorry for Dooks...poor fella, he eh know wuh hit him yet.  So who we go put? Daaga? Kambon? Mottley? Rowley? Boynes? Who has clean hands? Trinidad and Tobago was blessed by the Father himself buh we have done a fine job at screwing up wuh God make good.  Leave the PNM right dey...yuh hear mih!  All who want tuh vex could vex but long gone ah the days of calling people sexist names like "Fat Arse Brigade" and the like.  The PNM is now more refined and less noisy.  Mr. manninng is right tuh tek away the grounds from dem noisy rugby players...who gives a damn about rugby anyway...certainly not a quiet PM like Manning.  The man want some quiet and peace tuh plan how tuh win the next election. I will admonish everybody in T&T tuh plant Balisier from now so dat we go have enough flowers for the next election...jump and wave the balisier.  I have prophesied and it will come to pass. :bringiton: