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Author Topic: IAAF world Indoor Championships(March 9th- 12th)  (Read 3256 times)

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Re: IAAF world Indoor Championships(March 9th- 12th)
« Reply #30 on: March 12, 2012, 11:40:34 AM »
LENDORE is Making a statement as a Freshman

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Re: IAAF world Indoor Championships(March 9th- 12th)
« Reply #31 on: March 13, 2012, 01:09:13 AM »
Bronze may not mean much if we are the U.S. or Jamaica, but given the fact that we could not even field a 4x4 team 4 years ago (it was all Quow) this is encouraging.

The big win here is confidence and expectation in those guys' mind that they can do similar (place-wise) outdoors. Here's Solomon's quote post-race - Jarrin Solomon: "I took the baton in fifth and gave it all out in the last 100m. This was our chance to win a medal, my first one indoors and did not want to miss it. I only started to put on the spikes two weeks ago. We will now prepare for the Olympics and hope to repeat this performance in London."

You also have to look at things relatively. The US runs 2:55 outdoors (A team)/2:58/2:59 (B team), but ran just faster than 3:04 here, mostly unimpeded, so what does that tell you about our time (which by the way was a national indoor record). The world indoor record by the US is 3:02.83, compared to your 3 flat marker above.

Had Gordon not gotten cut off at the first 200m (meaning he should have pushed harder as a 200/400 man, knowing he was in a tough lane 1) we might have been in a better position on the other legs. Frankly I think that T&T quartet should have beaten the UK team, but indoors is all about lane and position.

My 3:00 flat alluded to the outdoors. It's the region we need to be in to have a serious chance. Under 3:03 we have an outside chance. These times allude to the outdoors. I've never doubted the potential of the TT team. Considering out performances in the 400 at youth level, we should at least make an Olympic final in mens and be a contender for a final with the women.  But there seems to be a certain stagnation post university with certain athletes.


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Re: IAAF world Indoor Championships(March 9th- 12th)
« Reply #32 on: March 13, 2012, 09:41:41 AM »
VB, I hear you big time.

Actually last year we ran what, 3:02 and didn't make the WC finals?

That means if we carry reserves to run the heat/semi-final, even that quartet has to be prepared to run 3:00 outdoors. Quow will produce a 43/44 leg once in shape, Gordon will be expected to split in the 44s as well with his speed and growing 400 credentials.

I do believe the once younger guys (Hewitt, Solomon, Alleyne-Forte) are also now seasoned and should know how to run relay legs (i.e. the importance of keeping in contact with the lead group if we are not in front, positioning at hand-off, etc).

Added to that we now have a very strong and talented (ahead of schedule) junior/senior group that we haven't had in a while (Lendore, Cedenio, Richards).

And lastly we have Jehue Gordon and Emmanuel Mayers, two 400m hurdlers who will always be capable of running strong 4x4 legs because of the conditioning that comes with their individual event preparation.

The key is to get them together early after the Oly trials to work out as a group, run meets in different combinations to determine the strongest quartet and second string for the heats/semis. That of course requires an NAAAs and appointed coach with a mindset for strategic and tactical preparation, because really we have a great chance to medal if we are serious about it.

With the talent above the Oly trials 400m might be as interesting as the 100m.

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Re: IAAF world Indoor Championships(March 9th- 12th)
« Reply #33 on: March 14, 2012, 01:06:44 AM »
Niceness!!  :beermug:
De higher a monkey climbs is de less his ass is on de line, if he works for FIFA that is! ;-)