Former national player and Ako James scored a hat-trick to lead Tigers to a 6-1 taming of Jaguars in the final of the Petrotrin National Futsal League when the tournament hosted by the Futsal Association of T&T (FATT) ended at the Central Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Chaguanas on Friday night.

In addition to James, the “Most Valuable Player” of the final, the trio of Noel Williams, Kerry Joseph and Kareem Perry added a goal each for Tigers in the one-sided contest while Ishmael Daniel got Jaguars consolation item. Earlier on in the third place playoff, Sharks also got a treble from “MVP” Dwayne Calliste in a 7-4 defeat of Cougars.

Richard Inniss with two and Jerwyn Balthazar and Ricardo Bennett were also on target for Sharks to cancel items from Ronald St Louis, Reon Pegus, Corey Romain and Anthony Thompson for Cougars.

Meanwhile the T&TFA will stage two crucial and practical sessions to be held at the same Chaguanas venue on August 28 (7-11 pm) and September 6, (9 am-noon) for Trinidad-based players while screening sessions of players from Tobago are expected to take place in September, with dates, venues and time to be announced soon. 

In the event any player has concerns, questions, comments or suggestions, the T&TFA advised to contact Clayton Morris (756-5754/481-913); Ronald Brereton (678-7377); Merere Louis Gonzales (758-9945/320-7140/642-2388).

Players shortlisted for national screening

Goalkeepers: Kevin Graham (Sharks), Dwayne Baird (Cougars), Mikail Walker (Lions), Kern Ceasar (Jaguars), Keston Guy (Panthers), Jevon Bourne (Tigers). 

Others: Colin Joseph, Jerwyn Balthazar, Ricardo Bennett, Bevon Bass, Dwayne Calliste, Keon Figaro (Sharks); Ako James, Noel Williams, Kerry Joseph, Kareem Perry, Kevin Joseph, Cyrano Glenn, Mark Brewster, Anton Hall, Kerry Frederick, Cordell Greenidge (Tigers); Ronald St Louis, Anthony Thompson, Josiah Austin, Keon Pegus (Cougars); Ishmael Daniel, Akil Stafford, Brent Edwards, Christopher Young, Jamel Lewis (Jaguars); Christopher Vanderpool, Rushawn Murphy, Nicholas Mullins, Clint Hospedales (Panthers); Jamaal Antoine, Anthony Small , Marvin Lee, Jamaal Neptune (Dolphins); Tevin Gill, John Belgrave (Eagles); Shad Gobinsingh, Renato Ramlochan (Lions), Kairon Joseph (Hawks).

Other Results

5th place

Panthers 10 (Nicholas Mullins 3, Kern Thomas 3,  Mark Cumberbatch, Rushawn Murphy, Christopher Vantapool, Clint Hospedales) vs Eagles 3 (Tevin Gill 3)

MVP: Rushawn Murphy of Panthers.

7th place

Dolphins 19 (Saidi Abdull Raheem 9, Jameel Neptune 4, Marvin Lee 3, Jahiem Ragguette 2, Jamal Antoine) vs Hawks 2 (Joel Henry 2)

MVP: Saidi Abdull Raheem

9th place

Lions 11 (Renato Ramlochan 6, Shad Gobinsingh 3, Everol Bruce, own goal) vs Bears 4 (Tyron Jennings, Shomari Antoine, Josiah Roberts, Micah Clarke)

MVP: Renato Ramlochan 

Individual awards

Best Goalkeeper: Jevon Bourne (Tigers)
Most Goals: Ishmael Daniel (Jaguars)
Most Valuable Player: Ishmael Daniel (Jaguars)

Final standings

1. Tigers; 2. Jaguars; 3. Sharks; 4. Cougars; 5. Panthers; 6. Eagles; 7. Dolphins; 8. Hawks; 9. Lions; 10. Bears.


Hat-tricks scored thus far

Kerry Joseph
Tigers vs Lions

Ishmael Daniel
Jaguars vs Eagles

Ishmael Daniel
Jaguars vs Bears

Nicholas Mullins
Panthers vs Dolphins

Anthony Thompson
Cougars vs Lions

Rushawn Murphy
Panthers vs Tigers

Shad Gobinsingh
Lions vs Jaguars

Roger Romain
Eagles vs Bears

Dwayne Calliste
Sharks vs Panthers

Shad Gobinsingh
Lions vs Bears

Marvin Lee
Dolphins vs Hawks

Tevyn Gil
Eagles vs Panthers

Nicholas Mullins 
Eagles vs Panthers

Kern Thomas
Eagles vs Panthers

Dwayne Calliste
Sharks vs Cougars

Ako James
Tigers vs Jaguars

Beaver tricks scored: 
Shad Gobinsingh
Lions vs Panthers

Noel Williams
Tigers vs Dolphins

Ishmael Daniel
Jaguars vs Hawks

Jameel Neptune
Dolphins vs Hawks

Five goals scored: 
Ishmael Daniel
Jaguars vs Lions

Noel Williams 
Tigers vs Panthers

Six goals scored: 
Renato Ramlochan
Lions vs Hawks

Nine goals scored: 
Saidi Abdul Rahiem
Dolphins vs Hawks