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National Super League

WASA edges closer to leaders

St Francois captain Marlon Bowen (right) gets past Immanuel Alexander of WASA during their bmobile National Super League encounter at the WASA ground St Joseph, yesterday. WASA won the match 1-0. Photo Anthony Harris.

A Brent Antoine goal made the difference, as WASA edged St Francois Nationals 1-0, in their bmobile National Super League (Match Day 14) encounter at the WASA ground St Joseph, yesterday.

Antoine tucked in the winner after 23 minutes, as the power company held on for the win, and in the process, closed the gap on leaders T&TEC, to four points. This is the “Water Boys” eighth win in 12 matches, which pushes them to 26 points.

The “Electricity Boys” on the other hand, were unable to add to their lead, as their match against Defence Force set for the Army Headquarters in Chaguaramas, did not play due to the ground being waterlogged. The match will take place at a date to be announced.

Over at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Malabar, “Giant Slayers” Valtrin won its second straight match in round two, edging fourth placed 1976 Phoenix, 1-0. The winning goal came from Nathan Lewis in the 72nd minute.

The Valsayn unit which started this round second from the bottom, jumped two places and now sits eight in the 11-team standings. Last Sunday, Valtrin took care of bmobile Joe Public 4-3.

The debutants, who came alive in the knock-out tournament, seemed to have caught themselves, after winning only two matches in the first round.


WASA 1 (Brent Antoine 23rd) vs St Francois Nationals 0

Valtrin Utd 1 (Nathan Lewis 72nd) vs 1976 Phoenix 0

M&M Harvard 2 (Christon Freitas 3rd, Glen Walker 52nd) vs QPCC 1 (Lorne Joseph 78th)

Stokely Vale 3 (Darron Williams 60th, Antonio Balfore 79th, Dion Thomas 88th) vs Club Sando 2 (Darren Carter 12th, Romeo Williams 24th)

T&TEC vs Defence Force , DNP