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National Super League

Harvard, Club Sando in goalless draw

Harvard and Club Sando battled to a goalless draw, in a rescheduled Match Day 13 game at the Dibe Recreation Ground in St James, in the Bmobile Super League.

After Wednesday’s game, Harvard stayed in ninth spot, on the 11-team standings, with 13 points, while Club Sando is in seventh position with 15 points.

Action on Match Day 17 will take place this weekend, with reigning champs Joe Public hosting Sando at the Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya, Tunapuna today from 4 pm.

Harvard will be on a bye this weekend, but the other four Match Day 17 fixtures will be staged tomorrow - each starting at 3.30 pm.

Leaders TTEC will make the inter-island trek to face fifth-placed Stokely Vale at the Plymouth Recreation Ground, second-placed WASA will also be in the sister isle to visit third-placed 1976 FC Phoenix at Canaan, Bon Accord.

The struggling Valtrin will host Queen’s Park at the NUGFW Ground in Valsayn while Defence Force will host St Francois Nationals at Chaguaramas.