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National Super League

T&TEC gets Valtrin test again

Leaders T&TEC will be hard pressed when they face Valtrin in the today’s contest of the bmobile National Super Football League match-up at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella from 4 pm.


T&TEC which is the only unbeaten team in the league, will be looking to fully shake off their embarrassing 2-1 defeat at the hands of Tobago Football Association club Goal City in the T&T Football Federation (T&TFF) FA Cup Round of 32 match, last Wednesday.

T&TEC was also held to a 2-2 draw by another Tobagonian club, Stokely Vale, in match day 17 action on Sunday and will no doubt be aiming for full points, as they seek to increase its lead in the standings.

Valtrin on the other hand will be hoping to spring another of its surprises on the leaders, as it goes in search of its fifth win.

Over at the WASA ground, St Joseph, the water company will entertain Club Sando, in its attempt to reduce T&TEC’s four point lead at the top.

The “Water Boys” have 29 points from their 14 matches, suffered their third loss on Sunday, going down 1-0 to another sister isle team, 1976 Phoenix, who are just a point adrift on 28.

Meanwhile, defending champions bmobile Joe Public will be hoping they could make a move now on the front runners, when they host the Defence Force at the Marvin Lee Stadium from 4 pm.


Teams P W D L F A Pts
T&TEC 14 10 4 0 31 11 34
WASA 14 9 2 3 28 14 29
Phoenix 15 8 4 3 27 17 28
Stokely Vale 14 6 2 6 27 37 20
Joe Public 13 5 4 4 22 13 19
Club Sando 16 5 3 8 19 26 18
St Francois 13 5 2 6 19 23 17
D/Force 14 3 5 6 21 23 14
QPCC 14 3 4 7 18 26 13
Harvard 15 3 4 8 14 26 13
Valtrin 13 4 0 9 15 28 12


• WASA vs Club Sando, WASA, St. Joseph, 4.00 PM
• St. Francois Nationals vs M & M Harvard, HCS, Training Field, 4.00 PM
• T&TEC vs Valtrin, Mannie Ramjohn Stadium, 4.00 PM
• bmobile Joe Public vs Defence Force, Marvin Lee Stadium, 4.00 PM