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T&T Women's Football League

Central FC, Civic Centre Pioneers Score Big in WoLF First Division‏.

The Central FC Lady Sharks scored 28 goals this weekend  in 2 matches. Last Thursday, Central FC played their first match in the Japs sponsored WoLF First Division.


Malick City stuns National U-17 women in WoLF

Malick City FC continued its fairytale run to the start of the Japs-sponsored Women’s League Football (WoLF) Premier Division, on Saturday, when the club humbled the National Under-17 Women’s team 3-0, for its third consecutive win.


Real Dimension, Trincity Nationals Dominate Newcomers in WoLF

Trincity Nationals continued their unbeaten streak this weekend and did so in exuberant style after routing newly promoted St. Ann's Rangers.


St Augustine stop Trincity

TRINCITY RANGERS: Trincity Nationals keeper Linfah Jones, left, clutches the ball while Jonelle Warrick looks on in background. Trincity beat Rangers 5-0 in a Women’s League Football match recently on the Eddie Hart Ground. —Photo: Robert TaylorMany thought that early Premier Division leaders Trincity would walk away with three points easily from last week’s match against promoted St Augustine in the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Football League. But their opponents had other plans and upset the favourites by a 3-0 margin.


Malick aim for second win

MALICK CITY FC will be aiming for their second straight win in the Premier Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s League Football (WoLF) tomorrow.


St. Augustine stops Trinicity

In an intense face off last Saturday between Trincity Nationals and St. Augustine F.C., many would have thought that Trincity would walk away with 3 points. St. Augustine had other plans though and from the blow of the whistle anyone could see that St. Augustine was hungry and determined to win.


Malick City stuns Real Dimension in WoLF opener

Malick City initiated a major upset on the first day of the 2013 Japs-sponsored Women’s League Football (TT WoLF) campaign, when the team triumphed 3-1 over last year’s treble trophy winner Real Dimension, at UWI Ground, St Augustine, on Friday.


WoLF games this weekend‏.

WoLF matches starts this Friday with an interesting match up between 2012 First Division Champs, Step by Step and 2012 North Zone Champions, St. Ann's Rangers.


Central FC to field team in women’s league.

Lady Sharks in with WoLF.

Central FC will be entering a team into the Japs-sponsored WoLF (Women’s League Football) First Division. The newly formed team will compete against Tobago All Stars, Tunapuna Titans, UWI and Malabar All Stars.