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T&T Women's Football League

Water One Real D queens of football

Real Dimension are queens of women football again!

They have clinched the title in the Women Football League with still one more game to play.

After a poor season last year when they failed to capture any silverware, the Real Dimension women rebounded forcefully and added the league title to the FA Trophy which they won earlier to make it a double success.

They defeated last year’s winners Tobago on penalties, after playing to a 2-2 draw in the virtual final and dedicated their success to the late Luciano Woodley, their ex-coach.

But it was not an easy journey for the team led by national mid-fielder Janine Francois although they are unbeaten to date.

Officials of the team cited lack of sponsorship for their poor season last year.

And were happy when Water One came on board so they could carry out their programmes.

With coaches Randolph Price, a founder member, Kenrick Hoyte and Stephan de Four at the helm, Water One Real Dimension made it a celebratory 29th year in football, the first as a sponsored team.

But as Hoyte who doubles as manager put it, Water One Real Dimension is not all about football but academics too.

He pointed out several of the Water One Real; Dimension girls are on scholarships abroad and some studying at UWI.