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Tobago Football Assocation League

St Clair’s win Digicel football.

St Clair’s Coaching School are the new champions of the 2011 Digicel Tobago Football Community Cup.


Keon Boucher, Brandon Graham and Neil Wilson netted crucial goals from the penalty spot to seal the title for St Clair’s Coaching School, after they defeated Lambeau FC in the Community Cup final, which was held at Dwight Yorke Stadium, Tobago, on February 20.

Both teams equally contested for the title and were forced into extra time.

Lambeau’s Anson Campbell and Kevin Moses scored from the penalty spot, but misses by Alan Forrestor and Arthur Moses enabled St Clair’s a golden opportunity to seal a 3-2 win.

Boucher, Graham and Wilson neatly tucked away their penalties to give St Clair’s the Digicel Tobago Community Cup.