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Tobago Football Assocation League

Tobago football kicks off tomorrow

THE Football Association (TFA) kicks off their 2011 season tomorrow at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, Bacolet, Tobago.

There will be a parade of the teams at 4:30 pm after which Tobago football giants and treble winners St Clair Coaching School will square-off with Professional Football League campaigners Defence Force in the feature game at 6pm.

Twenty seven teams will participate in the march past- among them Bmobile Superleague campaigners 1976 Phoenix, Stokelyvale, Black Rock, Lambeau United, Charlotteville Unifiers, Leeds Utd, Roxborough Lakers and the Premiership, First Division and Community Cup winners St Clair’s Coaching school. This year’s TFA tournament will see action again in the Premiership and First Divisions while all teams will compete in the prestigious FA Cup play- off.

The winning premiership team will get $40,000, runners-up $20,000 and third place $16,000.

The FA Cup winners will pocket $20,000, runners-up $15,000 and third place $10,000.

The top team in the first division will collect $10, 000 and the runners-up $8,000.

League action starts on Tuesday in both the premiership and first divisions. The entry fee is $40- adults and $10 for children for matches.