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T&T Pro League

Six-team play-offs for Pro League title

TOP six clubs in this year’s TT Pro League will play a fourth round of matches to determine this season’s champions.

This was indicated by T&T Pro League chief executive officer Dexter Skeene, who also pointed out that the six-team play-offs will begin on October 24 with the third round ending on October 17. He said points accumulated from the playoff matches will be added to existing points.

At the same time, Skeene pointed out that the bottom two teams in the T&T Pro League will meet in playoffs with the top four from the Super League, with the winners and runners-up eligible to move up to the “Pros.” He said the playoffs is a signal of the commitment of the T&T Pro League to work together with the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation to ensure the development of football continues.

League Standings

# Team P Pts
1 Connection 24 50
2 Central 24 45
3 Def Force 24 45
4 Point Fortin 24 42
5 NE Stars 24 42
6 Caledonia 24 28
7 Police 24 27
8 Jabloteh 24 16
9 Rangers 24 7

Top Goalscorers