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T&T Pro League

Bartholomew, Downing back at Connection

Matthew Bartholomew (left) training with the T&T under 20 team.
Hungary based Matthew Bartholomew and Aaron Downing are back with W Connection this season. The pair have been training under coach Stuart Charles Fevrier during the 2009 preseason and will be part of W Connection’s squad for Wednesday’s away Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Club Championship fixture against 4D Ag. Centre Bath Estate of Dominica.

Bartholomew and Downwing both linked to English club Sheffield United are back home following personal problems with regards to racism in Hungry according to W Connection.

Bartholomew and Downing last represented Hungary’s Second Division club Ferencvaros before returning to Trinidad last December.

Prior to their Hungry stint, the duo were attached to Belgium Third Division club Royal White Star Woluwe FC.

W Connection owner/president David John-Williams explained that the duo will return to Europe when the international transfer window opens in June.

However no details of their new European club was released.

In other club news, coach Fevrier named former North East Stars players Glenton Wolfe and Keryn Navarro and former United Petrotrin forward Kevon Woodley into his 2009 roster.

“We have decided to give Wolfe an opportunity. He has always worked hard and has a great discipline towards the game. We are hoping that this year he would overcome a niggling knee injury which haunted him last season. He’s a natural left-footed player with great experience at the back filling the roles of central defender or wingback.

“Keryn Navarro is a very versatile player. He too is a welcomed addition to W Connection,” added Fevrier.

League Standings

# Team P Pts
1 Connection 24 50
2 Central 24 45
3 Def Force 24 45
4 Point Fortin 24 42
5 NE Stars 24 42
6 Caledonia 24 28
7 Police 24 27
8 Jabloteh 24 16
9 Rangers 24 7

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