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T&T Pro League

Tobago United out of Pro League

Tobago United

Following a protracted process that allowed Tobago United Football Club ample opportunity to resolve its financial difficulties, the Club has failed to provide the TT Pro League Board of Directors with a concrete plan and commitment to address these matters.

 As a consequence, the Board considered and discussed a special resolution and following full discussions, the Board of Directors made a majority decision to expel Tobago United Football Club from the TT Pro League with immediate effect.

The meeting of the Board of Directors held on Thursday 16th September 2010 was chaired by Mr. David John-Williams, Deputy Chairman of the TT Pro League. Eight of the eleven clubs were in attendance at the meeting and the representative for Tobago United failed to attend the meeting.

The Board of Directors deeply regrets having to make such a difficult decision as the organization has supported Tobago United Football Club resolutely up to this juncture. The League is committed to the development of professional football in the sister isle of Tobago. As much as the Board of Directors is dismayed and saddened at having to make this decision, it is satisfied that it has worked closely, fairly and honestly with Tobago United to resolve their difficulties.

An immediate consequence of this decision is that Tobago United will not be participating in the First Citizens Cup qualifier scheduled for Saturday 18th September.

With regard to the League competition Tobago United will not be allowed to fulfill its fixtures and all points from the preceding games will be deducted from the standings.

Tobago United disappointed at expulsion from Pro League.
By Walter Alibey (T&T Newsday).

Tobago United footballers are out of the TT Pro League, leaving no representation from the sister isle in the country’s top flight football league.

The decision to boot the club out of the league came at a meeting of the board of directors recently after the club failed to settle outstanding monies owed to the pro league for registration and other services in the past.

Yesterday in a release from the TT Pro League it was stated that the board of directors had been fed-up of the non-response by the Tobago club to settle its debt to the league.

In addition the club also failed to present a commitment on how monies would have been paid, had they (Tobago United) been given another chance.

The expulsion was effective immediately which means that United’s qualifying clash with St Ann’s Rangers for the First Citizens Cup yesterday at the Marvin Lee Stadium was cancelled.

All of their other matches will also be cancelled.

Newsday understands that the expulsion was a majority-decision taken at last Thursday’s meeting which was chaired by Deputy Chairman of the TT Pro League and owner and founder of W Connection David John-Williams.

The release stated also that eight of the 11 clubs attended the meeting, Tobago United representatives did not attend.

The Board of Directors is said to deeply regret having to make such a difficult decision, having supported Tobago United Football Club resolutely to this juncture.

It stated also though that the Pro League is committed to the development of professional football in Tobago and as much as the Board of Directors is saddened by the decision, it is satisfied that it worked closely, fairly and honestly with Tobago United to resolve their difficulties.

Contacted yesterday the Tobago United’s Technical Director Peter Granville said he was surprised that such a decision was made against a team that has, for the past six years improved by leaps and bounds and which has, for the 2010 season honoured totally its financial commitments.

He explained that it was no secret that his club owed monies in excess of $100, 000 to the league but reminded of the tremendous contribution they have made to the development of football which included allowing TT clubs such as St Ann’s Rangers and Santa Rosa FC to play for free under their names in the country’s youth football programmes.

He expressed surprised that the decision was also made in the absence of representatives from the club, who have had to be at important meetings with their employers.

Granville, a former national standout for Trinidad and Tobago in football has promised to peruse the minutes of the meeting when he returns to Trinidad soon.

However he is questioning the decision to throw them out of the league without considering either the lowering the amount the club could have made in payments or allowing the club an extended time in which to source funding to settle the debt.

“We were talking to sponsors which went quite good, but the problem was that corporate citizens were hoping to take over the club and we did not want that. We have spent years trying to put this Tobago dream together and we were totally reluctant to give it up just like that,” Granville said.

The team, he said had been playing their best football in the many years they have been in the Pro League and according to Granville, he was surprised of the willingness to remove a team that has improved in all aspects of the sport.

“Then what is the vision of the Pro League? What do they want to achieve, is it development in the sport?” Granville asked.

He made it clear that though his club has endured financial hardships, they have paid all their bills for the current season and has been in the process of attempting to clear the existing one at the Pro League.

He is hopeful that out of this bad will bring some good, in the form of companies realising their plight for financial assistance.

League Standings

# Team P Pts
1 Connection 24 50
2 Central 24 45
3 Def Force 24 45
4 Point Fortin 24 42
5 NE Stars 24 42
6 Caledonia 24 28
7 Police 24 27
8 Jabloteh 24 16
9 Rangers 24 7

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