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T&T Pro League

Frias heading to Puerto Rico Islanders

W Connection forward Jonathon Frias will leave early March to join United Soccer Leagues (USL) club Puerto Rico Islanders on loan.

The loan agreement will run until the end of the Islanders’ season—in October. However the USL club has an option to purchase the Dominican Republic international on a permanent move.

“Because of his performances for us internationally in the Caribbean Club Championship and CONCACAF Champions’ League last year, Puerto Rico Islanders expressed interest in him,” said W Connection coach Stuart Charles Fevrier on Tuesday during a press conference hosted by the TT Pro League club.

“Although we’ll miss him, we are happy for Frias and wish him the best,” continued the W Connection coach.

“We are always looking at the business side of things as well when we sell players,” said Fevrier. “And also in the best interest of the player. I have no doubt in my mind that Frias will do well. It’s a great opportunity for him to get more international exposure.”

An elated Frias said that it’s every player’s dream to play at higher levels and he welcomes the opportunity to join Islanders.

“I am comfortable at Connection, but every player wants to play internationally. So I’m very happy for the opportunity,” said Frias.