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Jamal Gay on trial with German team Rot-Weiss Oberhausen

Jamal Gay training in cold Germany.Jamal Gay is currently on trial in German 2nd Bundesliga team Rot-Weiss Oberhausen (currently 13th in the table) during their winter training camp in Albufeira, Portugal. He joined the camp on Saturday, January 10th, following the rest of the team which started camp last Wednesday, due to medical concerns.

A news item in Reviersport on January 2nd said:

"... One other new face is in the mix, striker Jamal Gay. The 19-year-old from Trinidad & Tobago was with San Juan Jabloteh until the end of November and was available for a free transfer. He has had three caps for his national team, and he has managed one goal. And that considering stiff competition in the front line which included Stern John from Bristol City and Kenwyne Jones from Sunderland FC.

And by the type of player he is at 1.9 meters his stature fits right into the forward line of the Clover-leafs."

Another press release on Jan 9 said:

"SC Rot-Weiß Oberhausen expected Gay to join camp in Albufeira, Portugal on Saturday. T&T's national striker didn't accompany the team on Wednesday after a medical exam turned up changed values in heart and blood measurements. A further exam on Friday at the Wuppertaler Helios-Kliniken cleared him of any heart problems."

He played a full 90 in a friendly against Eintracht Frankfurt on Jan. 11. He was said to have caused dangerous moments in Frankfurt's penalty area in the first half when they held on to a 0-1 deficit before losing 1-4.

He played the starting 70 minutes on Jan 13 against Stuttgart where he was up against Jens Lehmann. He provided a perfect setup in the 2nd minute for Mike Terranova who just missed scoring the opening goal. They did go up 2-0 at the half but ultimately lost 2-3.

More on Jamal.

Plans were quickly arranged to get the player a VISA for Europe. He arrived in Oberhausen (Germany) on January 03rd in the coldest winter Germany has seen is 10-years. He trained in almost a foot of snow and impressed the coaching staff enough to earn an invite to their preseason camp in Albufeira, Portugal.

Heather MacKenzie, Gay's agent, accompanied him to Germany to meet with Rot-Weiß Oberhausen and observe the training sessions. MacKenzie said "the club would be an ideal starting point for a player like Jamal for two reasons: the coaching staff is world class and the club needs a striker which means if he gets a contract he will have the opportunity to play. Too often, players get contracts but sit on the bench and don't develop. Jamal is a young, promising player and will benefit from the professionalism required in the Bundesliga".

Gay is connected to MLF Sports (mlfsports.com). An international sports agency with soccer players located around the world. Contact Anjani Salonen 1-336-722-9944 for more information.