Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) special adviser Jack Warner, along with T&TFF general secretary Richard Groden and team manager Bruce Aanensen, will arrive in London this morning to hold discussions with UK-based members of the "Soca Warriors" on their reward for having qualified for the 2006 World Cup.

Warner felt it was necessary to meet face to face with the players to discuss the settling of financial compensation from the Football Federation.

They will meet tomorrow evening in London with the five-man players' representative committee, followed by a meeting with the other available players who were part of the national team during the World Cup qualifying campaign.

Warner will meet with head coach Leo Beenhakker and assistant Wim Rijsbergen today at the Sheraton Hotel, Heathrow to discuss plans for training camps and warm-up internationals leading up to the World Cup.

"The fact remains that the team and its preparation for what it does in Germany is the most important thing and we must ensure that these guys are well taken care of," said Warner.

Beenhakker and Rijsbergen have been in England for the past few days looking at possible sites for a training camp. They visited Colliers Park yesterday, home venue for Dennis Lawrence's Wrexham. Agent Mike Berry was also in attendance.

"He spoke to me and seemed impressed with the facilities but he will continue to do his homework," Lawrence told T&TFF media officer Shaun Fuentes. "It was good to see him again for the new year and, like the rest of us, he appears to be in good spirits ahead of our next training camp."

Beenhakker and Rijsbergen will be in Trinidad next week and Beenhakker is expected to finalise arrangements for T&T's build-up.

He will oversee a few sessions here before returning to Europe later this month, while Rijsbergen will stay on to continue training with recently-appointed assistant Anton Corneal.

Corneal carried out a session for US-based college players at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Macoya on Thursday. The main purpose of the session was to look at players capable of representing T&T at the Under-23 level and also senior teams. Those players were not part of last week's Goal 2014 training camp.

"Generally, we got the opportunity to see players who we haven't seen in a year or in some cases two years," Corneal told Fuentes.

"It gave us a chance to see how they compare with the home-based players from our schools and Pro League teams and I think I can safely say that we have some prospects for the national team, at least some time in the future."

A video recording of the session was done for Beenhakker to have a look.

"He (Beenhakker) will be the one to make the final decisions with regards to what plans are put in place for sessions locally and as to which players are recalled or looked at in the future," Corneal added.

The players in action on Thursday included:
Kyle Cupid (Liberty College), Terrence Williams (Mayville State University), Julius James (University of Connecticut), Dean Logan (University of Mobile), Judah Hernandez (Florida International University), Frederick Douglas (Philadelphia University), Stephen Cruickshank (Southern Connecticut State University), Darryl Roberts (Liberty College), Abiola Clarance (Incarnate Word University), Keeron Benito (University of South Florida), Regan Tommy (St Thomas University), Dale Perez (Mayville State University), Anthony Noreiga (George Mason University), Osei Telesford (Liberty University) and Mbwana Johnson (University of Buffalo)