In a brief interview with the Soca Warriors Online (SWO) Everald "Gally" Cummings has came forward to clear up a recent Angus Eve comment about the former Strike Squad head coach.

Yesterday, a report from the TTFF media interview with national under 23 team head coach Angus Eve revealed: “I respect everyone’s opinion but I would prefer if we could shed some more positive light on this team of players. These same ex-players and coaches will not want the current players to go down the same road that they took in the past.

‘Gally’ Cummings has been crying out for equal opportunity and Brent (Sancho) claims he was blacklisted and this prevented them from furthering their careers. Well then why should they want these young men to be robbed off a chance of representing the country on the international stage and having a shot of bettering their careers,” Eve told TTFF Media.

Gally response was as follows: "I would like to inform Angus Eve that the interest of players has always been my top priority which I have defended through my entire career and through which EVE himself benefited."

"In fact I am concerned that the unsettling situation in the TTFF at the moment could have a negative effect on the players psyche. I also feel too much pressure is being placed on the Olympic squad and the current executive using the team to give them reason to hang on."

"It is my wish that we should set up proper committees with persons knowledgeable in management, technical matters and who have the interest of the development of football and the country to manage our football, instead of having a normalization committee set up by FIFA."

"However there are persons in the current executive who are not serving the interest of our football. In fact only last Friday I heard that the current marketing manager of the TTFF Anthony Harford asking that some persons in the current executive do the right thing and step down. These views have also been expressed by former national footballers."

"Misinterpretation of my views appear to have come from mischief by the TTFF media," ended Gally.

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