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Under 16s prepare for Youth Cup

Trinidad and Tobago’s Under 16 team has been narrowed down to a 25-man squad as it prepares for the Caribbean Football Union Youth Cup which begins in Trinidad next month. The squad has been in training for the past few months, under the guidance of Anton Corneal as well as Hutson Charles and Shawn Cooper. Sessions are ongoing at the Ato Boldon Stadium and the team faces the National Under 20s in a training match on Saturday morning at the Couva venue. Team manager Christopher Gouveia gave a brief outline:

“This squad has been in training since January 2008. The squad reached 45 players at one time. The current squad of 26 players will be going into a final camp before the tournament from Thursday 24th to Saturday. 26th July at Aksent Villas in San Fernando. On Sat. the team will play a warm-up game against the National U-20 team at 9.30 am. After the camp the final squad of 20 players will be chosen.

We have a group of talented players but the coaches have been working tirelessly to ensure that they are up to standard to move on to the Concacaf series. We have been training regularly at the Ato Boldon Stadium and recently had sessions in Mayaro as well. The staff continues to look at players because at this time it is never too late to bring a player into the set up once the coaches think he can add value. We expect to have a well prepared team together by the time the CFU tournament begins next month and like we did with the last Under 17 team, we intend to gain favourable results and experience from this tournament.”

The Technical Staff is the same staff that carried the last U-17 team to the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Korea, with the addition of Shawn Cooper:

Anton Corneal-Head Coach
Hutson Charles- Ass't Head Coach
Shawn Cooper- Ass't Coach
Ross Russell- GK Coach
Gilbert Bateau-Trainer
Michael Taylor-Physio
Esmond O'Brien- Equipment Manager
Christopher Gouveia-Manager

National U-17 football squad

Names / D-O-B / Club


1.John Thomas / 18-11-1993 / Joe Public
2.Raheem Belgrave / 07-11-1992 / Joe Public
3.Jamal Francois / 16-09-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh

4.Akeems Grant / 07-04-1992 / W Connection
5.Reshad Wint / 12-02-1992 / Joe Public
6.Dwight Ceballo / 06-06-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
7.Dillon Kirton / 25-04-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
8.Kylon Gay / 17-06-1992 / Joe Public
9.Stephen Wiltshire / 26-03-1992 / Joe Public
10.Shaquille Stewart / 10-11-1993 / W Connection
11.Dinnel Lopez / 15-06-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
12.Rodney Young / 10-11-1992 / United Petrotrin
13.Omarr Charles / 12-03-1992 / Stokely Vale F.C.

14.Zavion Navarro / 31-12-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
15.Shahdon Winchester / 08-01-1992 / W Connection
16.Luke Hernandez / 24-03-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
17.Vernell Ramirez / 19-03-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
18.Moriba Ballah / 03-01-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
19.Ross Russell / 09-01-1992 / Defence Force
20.Daquille Matthews / 07-06-1992 / W Connection
21.Anslem Jackson / 18-01-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
22.Ryan Frederick / 11-06-1992 / W Connection

23.Cordel Cato / 15-07-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
24.Jerrel Britto / 04-07-1992 / San Juan Jabloteh
25.Jeron Jones / 01-03-1992 / W Connection
26.Malcolm Manswell / 20-02-1992 / Baltimore Bays, USA