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T&T U-17 sent home goalless

Guatemala kept its hopes alive in advancing to the semifinals of the CONCACAF Under-17 championships with a 3-0 win against Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday. Gabriel Navas and Kendel Herrate scored first-half goals and Gerson Lima added another in the second half to help Guatemala to four points Group B.
Guatemala’s trip to the World Cup in Nigeria was in the hands of the Mexico-Costa Rica result in the second game of a doubleheader.
Costa Rica entered the match in second place with four points behind Mexico (six) in the group standings.  The Ticos had a plus-3 goal difference as compared to zero for Guatemala.
Navas goal in the 36th minute gave Guatemala a 1-0 lead and broke a sluggish start to the match.
Jose Castillo fed Navas a filtered pass into the penalty area between defenders. That’s where Navas sent his shot into the net, catching Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper John Thomas off his line.
Castillo raked in his second assist when he sent a long rolling pass to Herrate just outside the penalty area. Herrate shook off a defender and lobbed a soft right-footed shot over Thomas, who again was caught off his line, into the net.
Herrate’s shot bounced into the Trinidad goal for a 2-0 lead. 
Lima capped the scoring for Guatemala in the 69th minute with a shot from about 38  yards.
Lima struck a loose ball with his right foot, sending it out of the reach of Thomas into the upper-left corner.
Trinidad had limited looks at goal but perhaps its clearest came in the 43rd minute when Shahdon Winchester blasted a shot from about 40 yards. Guatemala goalkeeper Eddy Garcia slapped the shot over the crossbar, holding on to his first shutout of the tournament.

Trinidad went home with three losses and having been outscored 13-0.


- 1. Eddie Garcia, 2. Jose Lemus, 4. Luis Vega (15. Marco Rodas 83'), 5. Alex Diaz, 7. Gabriel Navas, 10. Carlos Ciraiz (8. Marvin Ceballos 54'), 11. Kenroy Arana (9. Luis Salguero 78'), 13. Jose Castillo, 14. Daniel Marvin (C), 16. Gerson Lima, 17. Kendel Herrarte.

TRI: - 1. John Tomas, 5. Zavion Navarro, 2. Dwight Ceballo, 6. Dillon Kirton, 8. Vernell Ramírez (4. Neil Mitchell 88'), 7. Shahdon Winchester, 9. Cordel Cato (13. Moriba Ballah 46'), 12. Akeems Grant, 16. Ryan McLeod, 17. Ross Russell Jr (11. Johan Peltier 46'), 19. Ryan Fredericks (C).

8 SHOTS 16
24 FOULS 12


First Half  -  Second Half