BLACKPOOL Sports Club of Mt Lambert will be staging it’s 24th Annual “Rajay” Football match tomorrow at the Aranguez Savannah from 4.30 pm.

This year, the club will be honouring former outstanding National and Club players such as Steve David, Selris Figaro, Godfrey Harris, Albert Belle, Hubert O’Neil and Anthony Johnson.

The teams for this match will be captained by Alvin Corneal and Ellis Sadaphal and will include S Gomez, P Alexis, D Joseph, P Gomez, L Joseph, M Ramoutar, K Harper, D St Hill, and K Bernard.

Among those who will be there are such outstanding players as, Everald “Gally” Cummings, Sedley Joseph, Kelvin “KB” Berassa, Clive “Santa” Niles, Gerry Browne, Lincoln Phillips, Hugh Mulzac, Leroy DeLeon, Wilfred Cave and many others.