Malvern, “the Woodbrook Glamour Boys” honored their own recently, as they inducted some deserving individuals, who served the clubs in different ways over the years.

Reliving the glory years could well have been the theme at the Malvern Sports Club's recent awards function at which several deserving servants of the club were inducted into the Hall of Fame.
The list included luminaries like James Grosvenor, Phillip Harris and the first president of Malvern, the late George John, who sister, Deborah John, received on his behalf.
The club that started as a cricket club ironically went on to dominate local football for decades winning everything in sight, at home and abroad.
And as if to emphasize the footballing pedigree of the wine and white, the Malvern Hockey section followed the lead of the footballers, and so dominate the sport locally, they once won the national title on ten consecutive occasions.
The most popular inductee was the man they called “the prince of forwards” in T&T, more popularly known as Carlton `Squeakie Hinds, who stepped forward under loud applause to receive his award from former QRC and West Indies wicketkeeper Deryck Murray.
Also joining the others in the Hall was Phil Douglin, whose cousin Martin Douglin received on his behalf.

Willard Harris also stepped forward to receive on his father's behalf, George Phillip Harris, another Malvern stalwart.
The club also found time to award the new breed of excellence in Malvern colors, with several of the emerging hockey stars receiving awards for their performances in the club colors.