Densill TheobaldThey might well be referred to as co-captains as both Jan-Michael Williams and Densill Theobald completed yet another Caribbean Cup campaign in which they exhibited fine leadership skills in what has been a rocky period for the national team.

Williams, the captain, and Theobald, the vice-captain, were two of the more experienced players in the squad, the latter having played at the 2006 World Cup with Williams appearing at the 2007 Gold Cup.

There were times when players became despondent, whether it was following disappointing performances or results or when promised allowances or conditions were not met on time. There was even an instance when there were attempts by ex-teammates to persuade the eventual final team members to appeal for bigger match wages for the finals.

“We had some rough situations to deal with. I remember we had persons trying to tell the players in meetings not to settle for the match fees, but thankfully we were a tight group in that we understood that this was more than just wanting to play for bigger match fees. This team wanted to do well and make a statement,” Theobald said.

“But at times we also had to keep pushing a good vibe with some of the players to keep focused on the goal. Of course we would like bigger wages but we knew we had to achieve something first before we talk bigger rewards. I think myself and Jan became closer since I returned from India and started training with the national team again. We have a really good relationship and this is something we have been trying to spread throughout the team,” Theobald continued.

Williams also felt similarly, saying, “We get along well and we have a good understanding both on and off the field. I enjoyed the challenging times because it made us strong individuals. I think every person in this team can say they came out stronger in some way after this campaign. They will strive to become an even closer unit as the Gold Cup gets nearer.”