Guerra grateful for red, white & black experience. He has long been criticised for not living up to expectations but midfielder Ataullah Guerra may have finally settled into his own stride that could see him hold on to a national team shirt for some time to come.

Hailing from East Dry River, Laventille, the skilful and talented midfielder who turned 25 in November, scored his second international goal in a 1-0 win over Cuba that same month and went on to score the winning penalty in T&T’s win over Martinique in the Caribbean Cup semifinal in Antigua a couple weeks ago.

He appeared in eight of T&T’s games during the Caribbean Cup campaign including the last five games in Antigua. The Caledonia AIA player now has two goals in 19 appearances for T&T.
“This has been a very good period for me. I am believing in myself and the entire team has given me a chance to shine and that’s the good thing about this present team where we all support each other as best as we can. I love when my teammates can encourage me rather than try to bring me down and that is like the same way for a regular person in everyday life,” Guerra said.
“I just want the opportunity to play football and achieve something. Coming from a place like East Dry River, not a lot of great things are expected from you as an individual and I wanted to try and change that feeling that people have.

When I read about the father that bit the baby in East Dry River while we were in Antigua I was saddened because we don’t like living like that as a people. I hope that persons like me and others around me can continue to do good things and stay away from evil and crime,” Guerra said.
“We have to make a positive change. That is my wish for the new year, to see positive change in our football and in the communities and streets of my country,” Guerra concluded.