Dwight Yorke, seated right, signs on the dotted line, in the presence of administrator of the Division of Tourism Claire Davidson-Williams, seated left, Secretary of the Division of Tourism Tracy Davidson-Celestine, standing centre, Marketing Officer in the Division, Nigel Wilson, standing left, and Communications Specialist Aisha Sylvester.Dwight Yorke on Friday signed a new four-year contract with the Division of Tourism and Transportation of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) as Global Brand Ambassador in the island’s international destination awareness campaign.

The Tobago-born former Manchester United star striker will have as his primary responsibility, the raising of the island’s profile as a golfing destination, through initiatives such as the Dwight Yorke International Golf Tournament.

He will also be involved in other promotional activities, including participation in the destination’s social media campaign and appearances on behalf of the Tourism Division at key local, regional and international events.

Yorke said he was delighted to be associated with Tobago’s tourism and was honoured to be the ambassador for Sports Tourism that will see more recognition for the island as manifested in an increase in visitor arrivals,

“ I will continue to do my best for Tobago and to work very closely with the THA and the Sports Tourism sector to try and develop Tobago in whatever capacity I can bring to this country” he said at the signing event on Friday.

Tracy Davidson-Celestine, Secretary of the Division of Tourism and Transportation, said, targeting the Sports Tourism market was a specific approach being adopted by the Divison. She said Yorke will focus his attention on various sporting disciplines, mainly soccer, within universities and also seek out golf clinics that can utilise what Tobago has to offer.

She said plans are at an advance stage to hold negotiations with a number of universities. Yorke’s next major appearance on behalf of Tobago will be at the World Travel Market in November, she added.

“We expect that over the next two to three years going forward, we will see an increase in those persons who are involved in golf and football and, of course, an overall increase in the number of visitors to our shores,” she added.

With respect to crime, Yorke said crime was an issue on everyone’s agenda and persons visiting any country will pay particular attention to that country’s crime figures.

He said that there was no getting away from crime, that one could only seek to control it but Tobago has had a great reputation over the years and which he was sure it will continue to have in the future.

Administrator in the Division of Tourism, Claire Davidson-Williams, said the Division’s intensive and strategic promotional campaign will target specific regions, including Europe where with Yorke remaining a popular and influential personality, the Division hopes to reap significant rewards for ‘Destination Tobago’.