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edwards carlos vs mexico 2013-07-20 01Ipswich Town captain Carlos Edwards says he is ready to call time on his international career with Trinidad & Tobago in order to help the Blues.

The 34-year-old missed all of Town’s pre-season this summer due to the fact he was in the USA helping his national side reach the quarter-finals of the Gold Cup.

Last season there were regular trips to the Caribbean, but such long distance flights could soon become a thing of the past.

Asked if he would carry on playing for the Soca Warriors, the right-winger said: “I don’t know, that’s a good question. I am the oldest in the team now.

“Yes, I enjoy myself when I’m away with Trinidad. But at the same time I really wanted to be among the boys here.

“Trinidad twisted Ipswich’s arm to have me at the Gold Cup. That’s the reason I ended up going.

“This is my family now, Trinidad & Tobabgo is my adopted family because 95% of the time I’m here. Playing for them is more of a ‘play date’, as we say with the kids!

“I want to help Ipswich as much as possible. If that means calling it a day for Trinidad then so be it.”

Asked how many more seasons he thinks he has in him, Edwards said: “I’m 34 now, I might lose an inch of pace maybe, but my body feels okay, the legs feel okay. I feel like I can carry on for another two years or so, but time will tell.

“To be fair, pre-season has got a bit easy now. Don’t say that to the fitness coach though or he’ll have me running in circles! I think there is a bit more precaution now with pre-season when we’ve seen certain guys collapsing. My ticker feels good though, touch wood.”

He continued: “I’m contracted until the end of the season. Who knows, maybe I’ll score 20 plus goals this season and get a new deal!

“I’m happy at Ipswich, I’m not playing for another move. If I have to move, fair enough, but I’d like to finish my career here. My family is happy here and if they’re happy, I’m happy.

“If things fall into place I’ll start my coaching badges sometime soon.

“Who knows, maybe Mr (Marcus) Evans will give me a job in the academy when I finish?” playing?”