Thu, Jul


United States-based professional Cordell Cato intends to keep his place in the national senior team after appearing in the Caribbean Cup semi-finals stage last week.

Cato got his first start for T&T in the 2-0 win over St Lucia and the 22-year-old relishes the opportunity given to him by Stephen Hart as he appeared in all three matches.

“It’s definitely a good feeling. The role I play outside is to create chances and to take chances myself and I feel comfortable playing there right now an the coach has confidence in me and I have confidence myself,” Cato said.

“I have been working hard in America and the chance came here for me and I’m going to continue giving it my best.”

T&T head coach Stephen Hart said he was still feeling out the player but expects him to continue developing.

“We’re still feeling out each other and he's getting a better understanding of his role for the national team. He's done well so far,” Hart said.

Fellow teammate Lester Peltier has also played his part in T&T’s success, creating opportunities for his teammates, including Kevin Molino in his first half hat-trick against Dominican Republic. But Peltier has scoring on his mind.

“Of course I want to score as much as I can for my country and club also. But you can see, I give a lot out there for my teammates. The important thing is that we can get chances and the team benefits at all times,” said Peltier, who appeared in an Europa League encounter against Napoli for Slovan Bratislava before joining the national team last week.