It's perhaps his best run in an international football so far. Some may argue that we still haven't seen the best of Joevin Jones but his performances in this country's two victories at the CONCACAF Gold Cup have been nothing but impressive with a high work rate.

Jones has been one of the more sort after players by the media at the tournament and seems to be enjoying the moments so far going back to Chicago, Phoenix and now Charlotte as the T&T team prepared for last night's encounter with Mexico.

"It's a great feeling but I'm just being me. I'm enjoying the Gold Cup. We are playing well and everyone is enjoying the run at the moment. I'm feeling really good right now but the job is not over. We still want to achieve more success here," Jones said on Tuesday.

Coach Stephen Hart believes the Chicago Fire and former W Connection player is beginning to come into his own.

"He's miserable off the field of play but he's a joy to have around. He's one of those players you need in your team, you need in the dressing room. And when he's on the field he expresses himself the way you want and he's enjoying it and making a valuable contribution to the team. That's what you want from players especially in a tournament when there's a lot happening in terms of preparation, travel and gamedays," Hart said.

The 23-year-old has played 43 matches for T&T and he wants to get closer to the 50-match mark at this Gold Cup.

"We have more games to go and I want to try and help us go all the way. I believe we have a great chance to move on and at least get to the semi finals. It's a lot of work ahead still but we can do it," Jones said.