Aubrey David vs Nicaragua

The progress shown by the national senior men’s team over the past six months of so deserves a fair amount of commendation.

Following defeats to Jamaica in the Caribbean Cup Finals in October and then a 1-0 defeat to Panama with a largely home-based team in March, the “Soca Warriors” have risen to the call, particularly after the dismal showing in Jordan.

Two successive draws with Mexico which provided non-stop action and enjoyable goals and then a win away to Panama have provided evidence that the team is on track but will need to continue to plugging away heading into the Concacaf semi-final World Cup qualifying round next month.

Defender Aubrey David, who is based in Kazakhstan, believes that a strong team unity on and off the pitch is a major factor in the team’s run.

“We have a strong bond. A lot of us have played together from the youth teams come up and then with new players that may be coming in, we make it our duty to make everyone fit it and to learn more about each other on a daily basis, especially when we are in camp,” David said.

“This journey so far has been a great one. We have our ups and downs but it’s all part of the process of building the right team to go forward. Players will fight for each other and we have a staff that is going all out to ensure things are in place.

“There will always be some bit of challenges but so far we have shown that we can overcome them and keep moving forward. That is very important for us as a team.

“Hopefully the support will come for us. I think once we continue to get the right preparations then beating the best teams in Concacaf is not impossible for us.”