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Boucaud: We matched them every step.

Andre Boucaud has been wearing national team colours for a long time. The English-based midfielder made his debut against Iraq in West Bromwich in 2004 before appearing against Scotland seven days later.

His baptism of fire in World Cup qualification came in a 3-1 loss to Mexico in the second match of the 2006 World Cup qualification back in 2004.

He remembers as if it were yesterday.

“I’ve been in the national team for a long time but I remember it like yesterday. When we went to Guatemala for the game last week and I saw the way the stands were build like cages it reminded me a lot of when we also traveled to play Mexico in 2004 after we had played them in Port of Spain. Of course I had a layoff from the team for a few years but now I couldn’t be more thrilled to be involved with this team that is doing so well at the moment. Sometimes I just miss being around the squad when don’t have training camps or matches.

“And the way we played in these last two qualifiers, all things considered with what we’ve been through at some times, I won’t give up the chance for anything. I’m just really proud of the squad and the staff and then when we get results it tops it all off,” the former Reading FC player said.

“I thought we all pulled our weight, especially against the US. They never got away from us. Okay maybe there was a part in the second half when they had a good spell but we matched them right through and I think we were unfortunate not to score.

Had we gone ahead in the first minute, that would have been fireworks for the match and who knows what would have gone on to happen. But in the end I think we’re pleased with the start and now it’s just to look forward to these two games in March and off course the Haiti game in January because it would be massive for us to qualify for the Copa America.”