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Lawrence calls 24-man training squad for Grenada Friendly.

The Trinidad and Tobago Men’s Senior team will return to the training field on Monday for preparations ahead of Saturday’s International Friendly with Grenada in St George’s.

The game will serve as part of the National Team’s build up programme for the two 2018 World Cup qualifiers against the United States and Costa Rica on June 8th and 13th.

“This international game will be useful in terms of it being part of the preparations for our squad ahead of the next set of World Cup qualifiers in June,” head coach Dennis Lawrence told TTFA Media.

“It’s a good opportunity for myself and the coaching staff to have a further look at the players who are on the fringe of World Cup team selection, also including those who were involved in the past two qualifying matches.

Monday’s opening training session takes place at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva.

The 24-man Training Squad for Grenada


Marvin Phillip (Point Fortin Civic Centre), Glenroy Samuel (Ma Pau Stars), Jan-Michael Williams (North East Stars).


Keston George (Central FC), Curtis Gonzales (Defence Force), Triston Hodge (W Connection), Alvin Jones (W Connection), Seon Power (Central FC), Yohance Marshall (Murcielagos FC), Carlos Edwards (Central FC), Taryk Sampson (Central FC).


Marcus Joseph (W Connection), Kevon Goddard (W Connection), Nathan Lewis (San Juan Jabloteh), Jared London (Club Sando), Leston Paul (North East Stars), Hughton Hector (W Connection), Hashim Arcia (Defence Force), Keron Cummings (Central FC), Jomal Williams (Murcielagos FC).


Akeem Roach (Central FC), Shahdon Winchester (Murcielagos FC), Jerrel Britto (Honduras Progreso), Jamille Boatswain (Defence Force).