Tue, Jul

Mr Roy Keane
Sunderland F.C.

Dear Mr. Keane,

Your continuing insensitivity and disrespect for countries such as the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are hereby noted.
Such insensitivity and disrespect were again most recently displayed by your having summoned Mr. Dwight Yorke to return to England last weekend, thus rendering him unavailable to represent the country of his birth in a crucial World Cup qualifying preliminary vs USA tomorrow (September 10, 2008).

Your callous disregard for the rights of "small" countries to have their players represent them as enshrined in FIFA regulations reveals a mean streak in your character and one which will not endear you or Sunderland to football aficionados of such countries. It is a dangerous path to tread.

Yet the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation will, in this instance, at least neither insist on nor pursue its rights to have you and Sunderland make Mr. Yorke available to represent his country but such refusal or reluctance on its part ought or not to be interpreted as a sign of weakness by the federation.

Please be guided accordingly

Yours faithfully
Jack Warner
Vice President

Shaun Fuentes.