Coach Hannibal Najjar far right and his team from the 80's.Pondering the Future

Back in the nineties, I wrote a poem that was very dear to my heart and one whose bottom line I beckon Russell Latapy to consider. This poem addresses wisdom and the youth.

Wisdom and Youth

The poem, entitled, Wisdom and Youth, was crafted amidst the confusions and contusions, that I believe, older folk face. The elderly often show their impatience by criticizing the youth saying, youth is wasted on the young. My encouragement to these youth is that they return the verdict that, maybe, too, wisdom is wasted on the aged. The young are encouraged to tell the “wise’ that while the youth might be obstinate in their “brawn” ways, the elderly might be selfish with their “wisdom” discoveries. They are to challenge the “wise” to joyfully and willingly share their wisdom since they shall NEVER again have their youth. The youth on the other hand, are in range to have both, youth and wisdom.

Simple Wisdom Russell - Avoid The Tussle

A couple Saturdays ago, Russell stated that, “I would get myself as fit as possible and then the best team will be on the park," he declared. "I would prefer not to play, but if I need to play, like I've done for the past 30 years to help support and make the national team stronger, that is not going to stop now because I am the coach.”

The truth is, Russell, while I certainly cherish every moment of the 30 years that you played football, and I have watched you since your pre-teen years, you are not even 30 years old, the benchmark for overage categorization.

Give With the Same Joy as You Received

Study the facts, almost four years ago, in Germany , you, with only partial playing time, and Dwight, were the maestros of the national team. Now, four years later, you both still are? Can’t you see the problem? I have figured in both of your playing lives, and today you have joined me in the coaching ranks and yet, you are still one of the linchpins? Madness! The drought of producing stalwart players is too extensive and worrisome. Let wisdom prevail in spite of what your playing instincts tempt. Stay away from the playing field and pass on your wisdom, learnt and yet-to-be acquired.

Latas, take heed, some men are wise and some are otherwise; use your wisdom, WISELY! It will take someone like you to bring about the change we need.