Thu, Jul


Loving It!

I Love it! Finally we have an almost unbeatable local staff that know the terrain and have an in-depth understanding of all the possible savvy and tactics that can ever take place on a soccer field.

The pair of Russell and Dwight, two people who have been in and out of many a trench at every age level, joy, hurt, and frustration on and off the field, that this country has ever experienced, are together, in the saddle, of our football.

Years and Experiences Together

I have watched these two men ever since their adolescent years. I have known them as players, Dwight during his 14-17 years while his coach at the U-17 and U-20 levels, and Russell for about 1½ years at the U-21 and Olympic Team levels. With Dwight, we share many treasured moments in closed quarters and edifying circumstances - back then, he acknowledged Russell as his local hero. I also cherish the many moments that I have shared with Dwight’s mother in my Tobago visits – a thoughtful and caring lady she is!

Russell-Dwight Tandem

Public support aside, my urge is that government, business, and the T&TFF will totally rally around these two men.

The Russell-Dwight tandem is the best local combination that can ever be assembled regardless of time or circumstance. They have played for and against the best teams and coaching the world has known, and cumulatively, they have done this for more than four decades. Let the process begin! Let them have the reigns! They are lifetime friends and battle-hardened Warriors. Let us NOT miss this opportunity - they are the best hope for a successful and long-term football future.

Holistic Development Plan

Now, with this duo in place, we have to construct a holistic development plan to augment and direct their efforts. They should be kept at home and thoroughly involved, and treated with respect.

Great Opportunity

From my vantage point, I like what we are about to experience in Honduras. We have always matched up well against this country whether at home or away. Good luck and God’s blessings to this duo and National team. And, just consider, adding to this team what we have in our U-20’s as they are embark on the up-coming U-20 Youth World Cup in Egypt – what a promising future ahead of us!