Shahdon Winchester - ...Photo Credit - Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).He's the youngest member in the Men's Senior Team at the moment and has been tipped as a rising star. Already a regular in the W Connection Senior team, making his Concacaf Champions' League debut last season, 18-year-old Shahdon Winchester tells us a little more about his ambitions, his strengths and how he intends to become an even better player.

1. You've sat on the bench for the T&T Senior Team in recent matches and been around the squad for around six months now.  What has the experience been like?
The experience for me was a remarkable one being the youngest player on the team and every day, every session is a learning experience.

2. Are you excited about playing your first match at the senior international level?
Yes, for sure I’m very excited because I've always wanted to play at the highest level. This is something I’m really looking forward to and I hope to be ready when that day comes.

3. You were part of the past Under 17 team which failed to progress out of the tournament in Mexico last year. What you thought about the showing there and what do you think went wrong?
Well firstly I must say I didn’t give it my best and for the rest of the team we didn’t give it our all after the amount of work we put in day in day out leading up to the tournament. What I can say is that those teams were more prepared than us. What we have to do is take it as a learning experience and not as a failure.

4. Do you see yourself contributing to the next Under 20 World Cup effort?
Yes I see myself contributing to the next Under 20 World Cup effort because I plan to work and give it my best shot.

5. Tell us about your time in Portugal, what did you gain in terms of experience during your stint there? And is there any chance of you going back out? any more interest from clubs out there?
Well my time in Portugal was a great learning experience. I gained a whole lot by seeing first hand how professionals abroad operate in terms of how they take their work (football) and leisure (away from the football). I also got to witness their attitude towards training, especially young players and coaches and their other teammates. Yes there is a chance of me going back out there and with regards to any more interest from clubs out there I haven’t heard anything

6. Who is your football idol, both foreign and local?
Didier Drogba and my local idol doesn’t play again… Russell Latapy

7. What's it been like working under Russell Latapy?
Working under him has been great for me because the style of football he wants to play is the same way my club plays and it’s the same way I like to play the game.

8. How is the current Pro League season shaping up for you? Do you think Do you think you can you help W Connection attain further dominance on the local stage?
It’s shaping up quite okay for me. It’s been a slow start for me but I have confidence that it will be a success for me and yes I definitely believe I can help W Connection attain more dominance and win some trophies this season.

9. Are you satisfied with your work rate now? Or you think there is room for improvement?
At this point my work rate is just enough but there is also room for improvement. There is never no room for that.

10. What League would you like to play in some day?
My ambition is to play in the English Premier League. The EPL is definitely where I’d like to be.

11. And finally what do you consider your strengths on the playing pitch? And your weakness.
I consider is my jumping ability and my speed to be among my assets and of course the confidence I have with the ball at my feet. My weakness is standing up when the ball is far from me and not being able to anticipate earlier instead of having to react. I’m working on getting that right at the moment.