Thu, Jul


Trinidad and Tobago senior football coach Russell Latapy is looking for some tactical improvements from his charges when they come up against Jamaica in a friendly international at Marvin Lee Stadium, Macoya tomorrow.

Latapy, speaking during the national team's training session in Macoya yesterday, said Jamaica, who are the second ranked country behind T&T in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), had a strong team and he was keen on seeing how the Trinidad and Tobago players perform against them.

"Every football game that the country plays is important. The way I am looking at this game is that this is a game in preparation for the Digicel Cup (which kicks off in October). Obviously, we want to win every game that we are involved in but this is preparation...seeing exactly where we are (in terms of) the things that we are working on, and seeing how the players are taking it on board and how we are progressing," said Latapy.

"I haven't seen them (Jamaica) in a very long time and I want to see them and I am sure they want to see us. Both teams are here playing a friendly game. We will be trying to win and doing our homework," the coach added.

When asked what improvements he would like to see in the squad after their 4-1 win over Antigua-Barbuda last month, Latapy replied: I think they are completely different opponents. I think Jamaica are definitely stronger, but I mean we are working on the tactical side of our game and that is the improvement I would like to see."

"Our main objective at this time was to build the team for the Digicel Cup," he added.

"It is a process and in every game you look to go further in that process. I think the boys are prepared. I think mentally they would be ready for this game but again it is a question of waiting and seeing how they perform against a team who I have said before, on paper, should be in the final of the Digicel Cup if things go to form," Latapy said.

The coach also said that Trent Noel would most likely wear the captain's armband and insisted that Puerto Rico Islanders player Kendall Jagdeosingh is sure to feature in tomorrow's friendly.

"We have monitored him (Jagdeosingh) like many other players we have had in the past and he has been doing well and we thought about giving him an opportunity," said Latapy.

"This is a good opponent to see him against, so I think he is going to play some part in the game. We're not exactly sure how long (he will play for), but I am happy with his decision to come and represent his country and that is the attitude we want from our players," the coach added.

Tomorrow's friendly kicks off at 6 p.m., prior to which the national women's Under-17 team will take on the T&T senior women at 4 p.m.