Randi PattersonNew Jersey born Trinidad and Tobago striker Randi Patterson wants to play for T&T again in honor of his late father who passed when he was just two year old.


Soca Warriors Online (SWO) caught up with the Austin Aztex hitman and this is what he had to say;

Flex - You were cut by the New York Red Bulls after making only two appearances with one goal to account for. In my opinion that was not a bad start. You were also born in the United States which makes it easier to hold down a spot on the team as the rule for foreigners in the MLS did not apply to you. What do you believe was the reason you were released?
RP:I believe I was released because they (New York Red Bulls) wanted to bring new guys in and make a change from the season before. They thought releasing all these players would make things better, but it made it worse for the next season.
Flex - Subsequent to your release from the Red Bulls, you had a pretty good 08/09 season at Charleston Battery with 54 appearances and 14 goals to your name. Then you had a brief spell at Crystal Palace Baltimore in 2010, before moving to Austin Aztex that same year. That's three clubs in two years, why haven't you settled?
RP: Well I was comfortable in Charleston but they decided to move down to the USL 2 and I didn't want to move backwards so I signed with Baltimore and I thought that was a good move, but towards the end of the season they were having money issues so I had to get out of there. Austin took me and it has been amazing in Austin. I feel like a true professional.
Flex - With the Austin Aztex you seem to have found some form after just 2 games with one goal and one assist. What can we expect from Randi this season?
RP: I am just trying to help the team win games anyway possible.
Flex - You have now reunited with Yohance Marshall at Austin Aztex. When I say reunited, I assumed you both played for T&T during a camp held in the US (U-20 player combine) by Lincoln Phillips in 2005. How is your relationship with Yohance and can we expect to see a bond built that may one day lead to both of you representing T&T on the same team?
RP:Yohance is a great person on and off the field. It's an honor to play with him. Hopefully we can represent T&T together someday.
Flex - Speaking of national teams.... how were you discovered by T&T? Are you eligible to play for T&T through both of your parents or one?
RP: I was discovered through a national camp T&T had in Charleston and I guess I did well there and they have been looking at me ever since. My dad is from T&T and he passed away when I was 2 years old, so I am trying to get on the national team in his honor.
Flex - I heard a rumor that you were once part of the US youth system, but didn't make the final cut, then you turned to T&T as a result. Is there any truth in this?
RP: When I was young I use to play in the US youth system, but I decided to try to play for T&T because of my father.
Flex - You made your debut for T&T at the Marvin Lee Stadium in a 1-0 win against El Salvador. How did you feel playing for T&T? Give us some insight into your emotions?
RP: It was an amazing feeling to play for your national team. Words can't describe it. The fans were awesome and I loved playing in front of them.
Flex - Four days later you made your second appearance for T&T, this time in Kingston where T&T tie with the host 2-2. How was the feeling playing against one of, if not our biggest rival?
RP: It was a little intimidating, but I think I have outgrown that. I believe I am able to play with more confidence now against anybody.
Flex - How did your international teammates accept you when you first join the team?
RP: The guys on the T&T squad took me in as if I was family and that's something that many teams don’t do. Hopefully I will play with them again soon.
Flex - Were you disappointed to not have been called up for T&T after both games?
RP: Yes I was very disappointed. I want to show what I can do on an international level and I hope that I can get another opportunity.
Flex - Are you still eager to play for T&T if given another chance?
RP: I would play for T&T in a heartbeat if given another chance!
Flex - Who is your favorite T&T player/s of all time?
RP: My favorite player of all time is Dwight Yorke. I have watched him since I was a kid and I have been trying to follow in his footsteps.
Flex - Do you still visit T&T on vacation?
RP: I have been to T&T on vacation a few times and I hope to go again soon.
Flex - Do you like the local food in T&T? If yes, care to tell us some of your favorites?
RP: I love the food there. I really don't have a favorite, I love it all!
Flex - What is your proudest moment?
RP: My proudest moment was being called up to play for T&T's national team. It was a great honor.
Flex - T&T has always been blessed with quality strikers. What do you feel you can bring differently to the table? Do you feel you have the right attitude and discipline to make your dream a reality?
RP: I work hard and I am always focused, so I think my work ethic, tenacity and goals can benefit the team.
Flex - What is your favorite position on the field?
RP: Forward, because I love to score goals!

Flex - As far as your club careers goes, do you feel you have what it takes to play at a higher level? What do you feel you need to improve on in order to do so?
RP: I do feel like I can play at a higher level. It's all about the chances you get and if you capitalize on them or not.
Flex - What is your favorite club team in the world?
RP: Manchester United.
Flex - Have you ever visited the Soca Warriors Online (www.socawarriors.net) and the Warrior Nation websites (thewarriornation.com)? If yes, what are your thoughts?
RP: Yes I have from time to time. I love reading what the fans have to say.
Flex - Do you have any words for the Soca Warrior supporters out there?
RP: Thanks for supporting the Soca Warriors and I look forward to reading your posts about me and the players on the national team.