Calito vs MexicoCarlos Edwards admits he considered retiring from international football before being called up for Trinidad's World Cup qualifiers this month.

The 32-year-old Blue has been named in Otto Pfister's squad for the games against Bermuda on Friday and Barbados next Tuesday.

The arrival of Otto Pfister is one of the major reasons that Carlos has returned to the international fold after an absence of two and a half years.

"I did think about calling it a day to be honest," the former Luton and Sunderland player told the Club website.

"The previous coach was a local guy and I don't think the federation was taking it as seriously as they probably should have which was disappointing.

"Things were all over the place within the set up so I decided to take a back seat. I didn't realise it had been that long though - two and a half years since I last represented my country - but it was a nice rest for me!

"There were also a lot of things there that I don't think I would have tolerated which the young local guys probably did as they didn't know any better.

"But now the new manager has come in and is taking things in a different perspective and he's obviously trying to stamp his authority on the side and thankfully the federation are listening and supporting him."