Stern JohnNational footballer Stern John is to appear in court on Monday after he was arrested and charged for breaching the 11pm to 4am curfew.

According to reports, John, who is this country's leading goal scorer, was standing on the compound of Motor One Insurance at the corner of Ariapita Avenue and French Street on Saturday night when he was questioned by police officers on patrol.

It was discovered that he was not in possession of a Curfew Permit which would allow him to be outside during the curfew hours. He was then taken to the Woodbrook Police Station where he was charged by Corporal Benjamin of the E-999 unit for breaching the curfew.

John was granted bail and will appear before a Port of Spain Magistrate on Monday.

Stern John charged with breaking curfew.
By Akile Simon (T&T Express).

Veteran Trinidad and Tobago national footballer Stern John and an attorney were among five people arrested by police in Woodbrook for an alleged breach of curfew.

John, 34, attorney Denisha Mayers, 35, Emmanuel Hyacinth, 27, Atersa Humphrey, 25, and his sister Terry Ann Humphrey, 31, were arrested by police at the corner of French Street and Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook around 11.30 p.m. on Saturday.

But there has been confusion among senior and junior police officers over the decision to charge John and the other four accused with the offence since they were reportedly in the yard of Motor One Insurance which is at the corner of French Street and Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook.

The Express was reliably informed that junior officers had contacted several First Division officers seeking advice on the matter after they were instructed by an Inspector to detain and charge the suspects.

A police source said the First Division officers advised that no charges should be pursued against those detained since, at the time of their arrest, they were in a compound which is secured by a wall and gate, but charges were still laid against the accused.

They were subsequently granted their own bail while in custody at the Woodbrook and Belmont police stations and told to appear in the Port of Spain Magistrates' Court at 9 a.m. today to answer the charge.

One of the accused was slapped with an additional charge of using obscene language.

The charges against John and the others were laid by a police officer assigned to the E-999 Patrol and Response Unit.

And ten other people, among them six women, are also expected to appear before a Port of Spain Magistrate today charged with breach of the curfew.

The suspects were arrested by police in front of Four Roads Police Station late on Saturday night during a roadblock.

Officers said they realised there were several vehicles on the road after curfew hours and decided to conduct a roadblock when they held the suspects.