More trouble looms for Shiva Boys.

There are speculations circulating that Shiva Boys Hindu College may face further sanctions from the Shell/First Citizens Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL).

The Premier Division defending champion is awaiting a decision by that the SSFL’s Disciplinary and Appeals Committees that may be docked points for failing to properly register two players, central midfielder Kierron Mason and left-back Matthew Beal.

Beal was supposedly never registered properly up to this date, so if Shiva may have to forfeit all the matches he played in, that will calculate to a 17-point deduction. This means that the Penal-based school may face relegation from fourth to last with just six points on the 15-team table which could see them demoted to the Championship Division for the next season from its fourth place on the 15-team standings, to last with six points.

Shiva Boys principal Dexter Sakal in an interview with Guardian Media Sports yesterday said it was an oversight rather than a deliberate attempt to violate the rule but is still awaiting the final word from the committee.

“We didn’t pay attention to that rule,” said Sakal. “We don’t think we infringed it, so it depends if the disciplinary committee says we infringed that rule, the final result is still pending because I hasn’t received any word on it.”

If the SSFL Appeals Committee rules in favour of QRC and Fatima College after the Port of Spain school challenged a decision by the SSFL’s disciplinary committee to give Shiva Boys a warning for the illegal use of Mason. The talented midfielder who played for T&T Super League outfit Marabella Family Crisis Centre was required to submit a transfer certificate from his club to register in the SSFL.

“I believe we have legit case not to get penalised,” said Sakal.

Manager Sheldon Maharaj, who also handles the team’s administrative duties, with Sakal said his school provided the SSFL with imperial evidence that Beal did not play for the Angels though he was listed to play on September 2.

“It was said that Beal also played for the Angels on September which was the same date he played for the school against Trinity College Moka. We provided the SSFL with documented evidence from the game but they still don’t want to believe us, so I don’t know what else to say more than they just want us out their league,” Maharaj said.

On Thursday, Sakal suggested that legal proceedings would follow the decision to award QRC and Fatima points and goals from their appeal on Thursday last.

However, yesterday he had a change of mind saying: “I have already made up my mind that I wouldn’t go that way after all, I said we committed an infringement in certain ways. We were not fairly treated but in the end we compromised ourselves.

“Right now we are focused on the Intercol and coming out with something.”

The school has already appealed a recent decision to award St Anthony’s College the win, in spite of the fact that their protest was done outside the 72-hour time frame.

Efforts to contact SSFL president William Wallace and general secretary Azaad Mohammed-Khan proved futile.

A standings has been circulating on the coaches Whatsapp group with Presentation College as the leader and Shiva in last place.


Presentation 13 10 2 1 37 11 32
St Anthony’s 13 9 3 1 42 20 30
Naparima 13 9 3 1 30 13 30
San Juan N 14 7 5 2 38 16 26
Fatima 13 8 1 4 21 14 25
St Augustine 14 6 1 7 26 28 19
Trinity East 14 5 3 6 22 20 18
Carapichaima E 14 5 3 6 23 21 18
QRC 14 5 3 6 25 25 18
St Mary’s 13 4 4 5 26 27 16
Trinity Moka 13 4 2 7 18 30 14
St Benedict’s 13 3 4 6 19 27 13
Speyside High 14 3 1 10 11 44 10
Signal Hill 14 2 3 9 13 28 9
Shiva Boys HC 13 2 0 11 6 34 6
Fyzabad 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Shiva Boys to be relegated.
By Jelani Beckles (Newsday).

Principal of Shiva Boys Hindu College Dexter Sakal is doubtful the school will protest the decision by the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) to deduct 17 points from the school for fielding two players improperly registered this season.

Shiva Boys’ Kierron Mason played a Super League game for Marabella Crisis Centre while Matthew Beal played for Siparia Angels in the Southern Football Association. Both games were on September 2, prior to the start of the SSFL season.

The SSFL rules state that players must seek clearance from the league to play in other leagues after August 31. As a result, Shiva Boys now lie last in the SSFL standings with six points and will be relegated to the championship division next season. The SSFL contacted Shiva Boys yesterday and informed the school of their decision.

This season has been marred by controversy as Fyzabad Secondary were thrown out of the league last month due to two of their players being registered with false CSEC passes.

Sakal said the infraction by the two Shiva Boys players took place before the season started and the school found out about the situation late in the season.

“Honestly we were not aware of this because the 2nd of September is before school started. We never asked the first player and we found out about it quite late in the season and we did not pay attention to that rule. Coming down late in the season, we realised we had another player in the same situation.”

Sakal said he is uncertain if the school will appeal the decision as the number of protests during the season has left him exasperated.

“This season has been so hard with all these protests that I will not really pursue it anymore. Since the start of the league, I have been having so much (stress because) of protests because of this same situation off the field. The season has ended, it is two months now and I am just going to leave it there, and next week I will see what I will do – if I am going to do anything. I have not made a decision yet. It is very doubtful that I will continue with anything.” Sakal said it is unfortunate because the Shiva Boys played at a high level throughout the season and were it not for protests, would have been top of the standings.

“My players are suffering the most because they played well. It is just because we did not pay attention to this 2nd of September business that all this trouble came up on us. I don’t know if the players were even aware of the rule. We were not paying attention to it because it never affected us in the past, so it is really a difficult situation for us to have played so good and then reach (so) low.” The league concludes today.

(3.40 pm)

Naparima College vs Trinity College Moka, Mahaica Oval
Fatima vs Presentation College San Fernando, Fatima
St Benedict’s College vs Shiva Boys Hindu College, Barrackpore
St Anthony’s College vs St Mary’s College, St Mary’s