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Cayman Islands Trinidad & Tobago
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 Nigel Pierre (35')
Stern John (41')
Marvin Andrews (69')

2001-02-25Truman Bodden Sports ComplexGeorgetown, Cayman Islands1500

Trinis take easy win

While Trinidad did not perform up to its usual elegant or spectacular form, they were still capable of riding their luck pass Cayman for a 3-0 victory on Sunday at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex.

The Trinidad team faced Cayman as part of their pre-game preparation for a World Cup Qualifier against Jamaica set for Ash Wednesday, 28 February in Jamaica.

After all the pre-game and opening ceremony hype, the much-awaited game took place without Dwight Yorke. Nevertheless, Cayman's youngsters shone on the bright stage and seldom withered under the hot afternoon sun, giving a credible performance for most of the 90 minutes of play. Additionally, in years to come this young team might just be the bona fide contenders that the Islands' football aficionados are looking for.

From the start of the game, Trinidad were clearly the dominating force, controlling the flow of traffic mostly in Cayman's back-third for the first half. They were spreading the ball around the pitch so fast and it seemed that Cayman's players resembled red ants, but without the fire, chasing after their prey.

In fact, Cayman's keeper Alfredo Whittaker was injured from a collision around the 20th minute, when Stern John drove the ball through Cayman's defence. John appeared poised for a goal, but Whittaker dove out, snatching the ball away from John's boots. However, it was a costly play, as the two collided, stopping the game for several minutes until the medics declared Whittaker fit to continue. It wasn't long after that that Trinidad belted their first goal in the net.

It all appeared harmless enough as Whittaker prepared to fire the ball off from one of his usual thunderous goal kicks. But the ball landed squarely at the feet of the quick-silver forward Russell Latapy who quickly fed it to Nigel Pierre, who was free and clear. Cayman's defensive seemed to be caught flatfooted and watched helplessly as Pierre waltzed in the 18-yard box, beat Whittaker and placed the ball in the net in the 33rd minute.

The goal seemed to knock the wind out of Cayman's sails, who up to that point did not really give Trinidad players too much room to make plays. Roughly seven minutes later, John and Whittaker tangled again. This time John made an impression in the net, taking the scoreline to 2-Nil.

Whittaker then signaled the referee that he was unable to continue and it was later determined that he was in fact suffering from a concussion.

It should also be noted that on one or two occasions, Cayman tested Trinidad's keeper, but it was nothing to cause the tourists' bench a headache or to break out in a sweat.

Trinidad seemed to take over the entire game for the next five minutes, but it appeared as if they were just utilising the time to find their rhythm rather than score. Nevertheless, their fans in the stands called for more goals, aided by a steady beat and delightful tempo of Trini drums.

As the second half started, Cayman seemed to regroup, almost keeping pace with the tourists and not giving them too much room to play. However, from a corner kick taken by Mickey Trotman, Trinidad scored their final goal when John headed a ball that swelled the net in the 77th minute, taking the final goal tally to 3-0.

In the aftermath of the game, National Football Director Marcio Maximo said: "I believe our players will gain a wealth of experience from the game. I believe this will be the team to take Cayman through for the next decade."

Trinidad National Team 3
Cayman National Squad 0

Referee: Godfrey Bowen
Assistant Referees: P. Berry, Noel Williams
Fourth Official: Ann Wilson

Ian Porterfield - Latapy (50th Rahim); L. Andrews; M. Andrew; Eve; Cox; Ince (Hislop half-time); John; Pierre; Sancho; Trotman (47th Pierre); Rougier (half-time Mason)

Cayman: Marcio Maximo - Whittaker (42nd Reeves); Lindo (extra time Tatum); Thomas; Wilks; Houston; L. Ebanks (52nd Wood); Anderson; Johnson; L. Whittaker; Ramoon (62nd Welcome) Brown (80th Berry).

 Subbed outNeil Hislop
 Subbed in 45' Clayton Ince
 Marvin Andrews
 Ian Cox
 Subbed outDennis Lawrence
 Subbed in 72' Brent Sancho
 Lyndon Andrews
 Subbed outAngus Eve
 Subbed in 45' Carlos Edwards
10.Subbed outRussell Latapy (capt.)
 Subbed in 63' Mickey Trotman
 Subbed outRonald Mauge
 Subbed in 72' Reynold Carrington
 Subbed outAnthony Rougier
 Subbed in 45' Stokely Mason
 Stern John
 Subbed outNigel Pierre
 Subbed in 63' Brent Rahim
 Clayton Ince
 Reynold Carrington
 Brent Sancho
 Carlos Edwards
 Stokely Mason
 Brent Rahim
 Mickey Trotman
 Ian Porterfield
45'Subbed outSubbed inClayton Ince for Neil Hislop
45'Subbed outSubbed inStokely Mason for Anthony Rougier
45'Subbed outSubbed inCarlos Edwards for Angus Eve
63'Subbed outSubbed inMickey Trotman for Russell Latapy
63'Subbed outSubbed inBrent Rahim for Nigel Pierre
72'Subbed outSubbed inBrent Sancho for Dennis Lawrence
72'Subbed outSubbed inReynold Carrington for Ronald Mauge