Striker Kaydion “Drogba” Gabriel was named the Player of the Year at Banker’s Insurance Central FC 2014-2015 End of Season Awards presentation ceremony held at the SIS Auditorium, Rivulet Road, Brechin Castle, Couva on Tuesday evening.

The top-tier Morvant-based athlete and newest addition to the national senior men’s football team clinched the coveted award on the night of honours. But that was not the only major prize he received.

His teammates bestowed him with the Players’ Player of the Year Award. He was then called back to the spotlight to accept the Golden Boot Award. The latter accolade was for his outstanding feat during the Digicel Pro-League during which he emerged as the top scorer.

The award for Goal of the Season went to defender Jamal Jack.

Meanwhile, midfielder Sean de Silva was the favourite among sport journalists and took home the Sport Media Player of the Year Award. The Bankers Insurance Player of the Year Award went to forward Willis Plaza whose return to the team back in January added to Central FC’s magic.

Club director George Romano, who was on the mend having suffered a stroke back in February, received a special recognition award.

But on the night of celebration, Kevin Harrison, operations director at club appealed to players who have openly stated their intent to leave the club at the end of the season, to reconsider.

In local football culture, he said where teams reached their pinnacle, become static and ultimately disbands, Harrison declared that would not be the fate of Central FC.

The team, its technical staff and management, he said, envisioned a more prosperous and exciting future for all its stakeholders and key to that was keeping the existing squad well-knit, while clinching victory at the end of every season.

“It’s been a long season and I know that the management and board never dreamed it would have been as successful as it has been. We have reached the turning point, really, after three years. We have big decisions to make. We can do like many other clubs and play in the Champions League and maybe not play again for six or seven years or we consistently aim at being in Champions League year after year. It’s a big decision, because it means we have to look at our staffing and how we are funded. Personally, now that we have had a taste of it, I want to keep us in the Champions league every year. Why shoot for anything less? he asked

Harrison recalled travelling to Miami, USA for the Champions League draw and being amazed that leading football administrators from around the world knew of Central FC’s accomplishments.

He said, “That to me, after three years, is amazing. Then the football director from LA Galaxy came over and introduced himself. We have seen Jan Michael (Williams) saving penalties. We have seen the best goals. We have seen the performances. We have seen the awards. But really at the end of the day, what you all have achieved this year is amazing. I do believe that when people look back, this team that we put together this season, it would be remembered as one of the best teams ever."