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Sun, Feb


ACE SAN Juan Jabloteh footballer Nathan Lewis is currently recuperating at home after he was shot in his shoulder, during a drive-by shooting in his native Maloney early Saturday morning.

In a report on local sports website Wired yesterday, the 26-year-old Lewis, who netted 12 goals during the 2015-2016 TT Pro League season, was hit after he and a group of friends were ambushed by assailants from an unidentified vehicle at around 1 am, following a game at the Maloney Indoor Sports Arena.

Lewis, who made his national debut earlier this year, is the second Trinidad and Tobago footballer to receive a gunshot wound, within the past 12 months.

Last December, then North East Stars midfielder Keron “Ballpest” Cummings was struck in his leg, near to his home in Diego Martin. Cummings, who is now with Pro League champions Central FC, only made a return to competitive action in August.

During a three-game tour with the TT team earlier this year, Lewis played twice - in a 3-1 loss away to Uruguay on May 27 and in a 4-2 defeat away to China on June 3.

Jabloteh’s coach Keith Jeffrey declined comment when contacted by Newsday for a reaction to the shooting of his player.

“I am not the person to comment on that...That is a sensitive matter,” he said.

National coach Stephen Hart was not unwilling to discuss the matter though and said he was saddened by the news about the slimly-built winger.

“It’s an unfortunate situation and it seems to be something that is in our society at the moment that is not pleasant at all,” said Hart. “Right now I just hope that he can get back healthy and be able to play in the League when it opens.

I’m sure it’s going to take a while but hopefully he can get back healthy and be able to play in the League, because he did well for us.” Hart also mentioned that the players should be careful when it comes to their personal safety.

“I’m sure they have to be vigilant where they go and the potential situation they’re in,” he said.

“They certainly have to be more careful where they go.”